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Last updated February 15th, 2023 by Karen Crowley

Tufinnovate EMEA, Tufin’s first European user conference, kicked off with a day full of training sessions for Tufin customers and partners. Topics ranged from configuring unified security policy alerts, automating the decommissioning of servers and rules, and administering network groups and access across Cisco Firepower, Checkpoint R80, VMware NSX, and Azure Resource Manager.

The training event concluded with the opening reception and expo, providing both networking and discussions between peers on how Tufin enables some of EMEA’s largest companies to confront and mitigate the evolving threat landscape. The reception featured our lead sponsor Cisco, and had booths staffed by Tufin experts to provide a direct discussion between network security engineers of leading global organizations and network security policy orchestration experts.

Day Two kicked off our full conference with an introduction from Tufin CEO Ruvi Kitov who talked to the audience about the future of security. There is a huge opportunity for organizations to make a leap forward in network security, and the way to do so is by automating network policy changes.

Keynote speaker Samy Kamkar delivered a keynote highlighting his rise to prominence through his early hacking efforts including his creation of the MySpace worm, the fastest spreading virus of all time. Samy also offered his insight into securing the network of the future amidst the rise of IoT.

Tufin CTO Reuven Harrison shared his vision for network security amidst the prevalence of DevOps adoption, and the parallel concerns on the lack of emphasis on security. In a business world where agility is the main motivating factor, security is called upon to meet this new requisite.

We look forward to great breakout sessions from Tufin’s technical leaders covering both the administration facets of Tufin and the development abilities using the API.


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