Network segmentation and microsegmentation

Visualize, improve and manage segmentation across fragmented networks.  Simplify the complexity.

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Segmentation by design

The growing complexity of IT infrastructure prevents the effective design and implementation of network segmentation across a multi-vendor network and hybrid cloud. Network segmentation policy must be applied across the entire network, agnostic of vendors, and specific to your priorities.

Operationalize your corporate security policy, compliance requirements, and best practices to identify and remediate existing security policy violations while ensuring that new violations cannot be introduced.

Identify access violations across physical and cloud in real time and eliminate them.

Our firewall team was continuously being challenged by the ever-increasing risk of attacks and they needed advanced tools to detect and mitigate the risks. While we had to ensure that our security policy was implemented without compromise, applications were, and still are, the lifeblood of our organization.
Head of Telecommunications, SIX Group

Simplify network segmentation complexity

Tufin customers effectively manage segmentation and microsegmentation by leveraging pre-defined templates or constructing their own policy in a zone-to-zone based matrix that is implemented across their network infrastructure.

Improve your network security posture

Identify access violations across physical and cloud in real time and eliminate them or designate them as temporary exceptions.

Achieve compliance and cut audit efforts

Segment regulated zones to contain audit preparation efforts and ensure compliance with industry and best practices templates.

Improve network manageability

Operationalize network segmentation across legacy firewalls, next-generation firewalls, SDN, and public cloud from a central console.

Practical Guide to Network Segmentation

Learn how to get started and manage the ongoing process.