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The Challenge

Today’s digital business drives a proliferating number of changes. These changes span across complex and heterogeneous networks - multi-vendor, multi-technology platforms, across physical networks and hybrid cloud. Still, IT operations teams often spend valuable time on manual processing, resulting in changes that take too long to complete, and inefficiencies that are enhancing the problem of shortage in skilled personnel.

For those enterprises that are leveraging or considering automation of network security changes, there is a growing concern of uncontrolled changes that may lead to cybersecurity risks as well as errors in change design/management. Changes that open more access than was requested and approved, or access that is never decommissioned expand the attack surface and may enable the next attempt of cyberattack.

In addition to these factors, every enterprise has its own compliance requirements for industry standards as well as internal policies and best practices. Enforcing compliance via a standard change process is crucial to the bottom line - especially since noncompliance can lead to hefty penalties and even breaches. Audits are a fact of life for every enterprise, yet audit preparation with documentation to demonstrate compliance with change processes is time-consuming and costly.


The Solution

The Tufin Orchestration Suite accelerates network security changes with inherent controls for security and compliance across the enterprise through:

  • Implementation of network changes in minutes instead of days
  • Proactive risk analysis to avoid security and compliance violations
  • Access life cycle management to reduce the network attack surface
  • Flexible, customizable workflows for full integration into enterprise ITSM processes
  • Increased control with a unified console supporting all leading enterprise platforms- traditional networks and firewalls, SDN and cloud platforms
  • Automated provisioning and end-to-end orchestration for multi-vendor environments (e.g., AWS, Check Point, Cisco, Forcepoint, Juniper and Palo Alto Networks) to reduce complexity and human error
  • Reduced time and effort invested in audit readiness with continuous compliance, including automated audit trail of full accountability with documentation
  • Enhanced agility with application-driven automation for streamlined provisioning, troubleshooting and remediation
  • Automated process for decommissioning redundant rules to reduce the attack surface
  • Automated process for decommissioning servers that are no longer in use to reduce the attack surface
  • Automated process for modifying object group to increase agility and productivity


  • Simplify and automate network changes for heterogeneous environments physical and cloud
  • Rapidly implement network changes in minutes
  • Visibility across the entire network security-control topology including application dependencies
  • Automatic audit trail for easy audit preparation and troubleshooting
  • Security as part of the enterprise ITSM process
  • Centralized management for a wide variety of different vendors
  • Ensure security and compliance with built-in security controls