Federal Government

Tufin Orchestration Suite is uniquely positioned to help U.S. federal agencies and government contractors automate network security controls to protect sensitive assets across the hybrid network, to meet federal and cybersecurity mandates, such as FISMA, DHS CDM, NIST CSF, and more.

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Many of largest government agencies use Tufin to manage and control their network security policies from a single pane of glass. They trust Tufin to apply zero-trust network security policies to protect sensitive assets, enhance IT performance, and prevent lateral movement while ensuring compliance across the hybrid environment.  

Achieve a Zero Trust Network Security Model

Embed and maintain Zero Trust practices across hybrid environments via security automation that drives optimized, least-privilege segmentation and secure changes, while ensuring policy adherence and business continuity.

Tufin’s Zone-based Unified Security Policy (USP) enables enforcing a central network segmentation baseline

Automate Segmentation Polices & Network Changes

Limit communications across the hybrid network to define micro-segments based on a unified security policy. Identify irregularities and potential threats, and provide continuous updates based on actual communications activity. Provision and implement secure and accurate access changes across multi-vendor network devices, security groups, and more.

Continuous Compliance

Generate granular audit trails of all policy changes, access, and network activity with full user accountability and policy change tracking.

Comprehensive Visibility

Provide apps and device dependency map and visualize all network traffic (east-west and north-south) between all assets, regardless of the actual platform or network infrastructure used.

Achieve visibility into which rules are implemented and which adhere/violate corporate security mandates. 

Standardize Network Security Across SDN and Non-SDN Environments (VMware NSX & Cisco ACI)

Gain full visibility and map traffic within and traversing SDN environments, receive alerts on network access violations and out-of-band changes, and run path analysis to troubleshoot connectivity, and compliance issues.