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Last updated September 14th, 2023 by Brian Gladstein

We just wrapped up the second leg of this year’s Tufinnovate World Tour with a stop in Sydney and a pan-Asia virtual seminar – two remarkable events that brought Tufin customers together to form new connections, explore new ideas, and plan for the future. The Asia-Pacific portion of our world tour comes a few weeks after Tufinnovate sessions in London, Paris, and Munich, continuing our momentum and expanding the conversation around the world.

With every stop on this tour, it becomes clearer why it is so important for Tufin to bring network security leaders, practitioners, and partners together. There is a fundamental shift happening in enterprise security. More organizations are adopting a cloud-first approach to development, quickly shifting core business applications to environments like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform – as well as private clouds built upon VMware and other scale-out platforms. This shift in infrastructure is accompanied by a shift in the development practice which favors rapid deployment of applications by DevOps teams using a constantly shifting set of tools.

Yet, while DevOps teams are focused on pushing applications out quickly to capture customers and drive revenue, network security teams are facing a whole new world of challenges, including:

  • A more piecemeal approach to security with lots of different tools
  • A much faster pace for application deployment and updates
  • More frequent and detailed collaboration with DevOps and CloudOps teams
  • New technologies that may be unfamiliar and difficult to protect

The Tufinnovate World Tour continues to serve as a fantastic forum for exploring these challenges and sharing ideas and best practices for how to address them – leader-to-leader and user-to-user. And these events did not disappoint! 

Our virtual seminar was held on Thursday, July 27 reaching customers, partners, and other members of the network security community across Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Australia. It turned out to be an incredibly powerful way to share ideas and experiences across so many diverse locations.

A week later, we hosted a wonderful lunch event in Sydney, Australia, where a delicious meal and hearty laughs were intermixed with discussions of network & cloud infrastructure trends, the ins-and-outs of managing security policies, and how to best work with our cloud counterparts.

With the APAC journey behind us, we’re gearing up for the final stretch on the Tufinnovate World Tour. We’ll be holding two informative virtual events – one for the East Coast and another for the West Coast. We’ve already got hundreds of people signed up – and the interest is building every day! Mark your calendars for September 12 & 13, as Tufin brings thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities, and transformative insights to your network security strategy.

Thank you, Asia & Australia, for an inspiring series of events that showcased the strength of our community. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to redefine the boundaries of network security and cloud integration!

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