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Why Tufin

Vision To be the essential platform for simplifying the protection, compliance, and management of complex network and cloud infrastructure.

Mission To empower network teams with end-to-end visibility, actionable insights,continuous compliance, and best-in-class automation, accelerating secure application deployment and revenue growth.

Our Values

Inspire Collaboration and Learning

Champion Customer Success

Move Forward with Resiliency

Treat Others with Respect and Care

Strive for Operational Excellence

Join an Award-Winning Workforce

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See What Our Employees Have to Say

I enjoy working at Tufin because of the engaging and collaborative environment. By working cross-functionally across various departments, I have learned different avenues of the business and have seen great team success!

Emily Loprete

Marketing Operations Manager

I started at Tufin as one of the first AEs to join the team. Tufin has taught me the importance of being a well-rounded salesperson, and team member. With the experience I’ve gained, I rely on my ability to quickly learn, and be diverse, while also sticking to a tried-and-true sales process which has led myself and the team to the top!

Blake Brown

Global Renewal Sales Director

At Tufin, our vibrant culture thrives with a mix of social events. Happy hours enhance team connections, and festive holiday celebrations foster a joyful atmosphere. We also prioritize giving back through volunteer events, strengthening our team bonds and making a positive impact in our community.

Lily Wadsworth

HR Generalist

The autonomy and creative freedom that Tufin affords is what I enjoy most about working here. I appreciate the confidence that my superiors have in my abilities, and I relish the trust to work without being micromanaged.

Tyler Campbell

Solutions Developer

Tufin has a culture like no other company I encountered – the term family is real here! Tufin is full of amazing and talented people who care for each other and promote free and open discussions. The door is always open to your manager, or to HR or even just for a friend. Almost everyone found friendships here that will continue with them for many years.

Omer Weisberg

AVP Business Apps & IT

Tufin's collaboration efforts between internal teams is unmatched. During my time here, I have had the chance to work with our sales, business development, HR, and services team on all sorts of projects and events. Company-wide collaboration gives you a chance to see all aspects of the business, and Tufin is the best at it.

Noah Tuttle

Marketing Manager

In Tufin, I have the opportunity to impact almost every stage of the product lifecycle, work with the largest enterprises in the world, get exposure to the “hottest” available technologies in the industry, and help them to solve their complex cybersecurity challenges with cutting-edge technology.

Alon Buteliano

Director of Product Management

Life at Tufin

Last week, we embarked on an exciting company adventure trip to Israel! We started our journey at Emek Ha'ella Winery, near Jerusalem, for breakfast and lunch. The day was filled with diverse activities as we split into groups to explore various locations. We tasted different flavors of beer at a local brewery and learned about its history. At Argo Coffee Place, we enjoyed their roasted coffee and heard the story behind the brand. For an adrenaline rush, we took a thrilling Tomcar 4x4 ride through the beautiful Emek Ha'ella. We also expressed our artistic skills by painting wooden table covers, with some art pieces being donated to "Kfar HaYeladim" in Neve Elisha. We regrouped at the winery for a relaxing lunch and enjoyed a sunset show by Yermi Kaplan. The goal was to connect and spend quality time together, especially during these complex times. 🌅