Compliance solutions for network security

The cost of failing to comply with industry regulations directly impacts the bottom line for any industry and may present a security risk. The growing complexity of the fragmented network and the regulatory demands make network audit preparation a painstaking, labor-intensive activity that can take weeks.

Leverage a central console for monitoring, maintaining and proving continuous compliance with industry regulations and internal policies across firewalls and routers, SDN and hybrid cloud. Adopt a proactive approach to ensure ongoing audit readiness and protection from cyberthreats.

MONEXT was able to reduce complexity, audit efforts and the number of firewall rules (by up to 20%) within only 3 months of deploying Tufin.

Maintain Firewall Audit Readiness.

A manual firewall audit process can take weeks. Tufin’s firewall audit tools cuts your audit preparation down to days through automation, audit trails, and full documentation of change management processes. Respond to audit requests in real time via a single firewall audit console with prebuilt and customizable reports for standards and regulatory mandates, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, NERC CIP and more.

Customers have cut their audit prep time from weeks to 2 hours by turning to Tufin to eliminate manual tasks.

Rapidly Generate Customizable Audit Reports.

Leverage a central console for monitoring, maintaining and proving continuous compliance with industry regulations and internal policies across firewalls and routers, SDN and hybrid, multi-cloud environments. Tufin’s software generates security audit reports on demand. Reports can be easily automated, based on criteria, such as business area, firewall vendors, cloud service providers, time periods, and geographic regions.

Achieve Continuous Compliance.

In addition, Tufin allows you to optimize security controls and maintain continuous compliance by automating firewall changes from change request to provisioning. This can include checking source and destination for vulnerabilities before allowing a change. Tufin automates firewall change design, impact and risk assessment, provisioning and change validation. Throughout the firewall change process, Tufin is logging an immutable audit trail.

Maintain Firewall Policy Hygiene.

Tufin makes it easy to identify and remove unused and shadowed rules, and it helps you minimize risky rulesets by automatically checking rulesets against historic firewall logs to tighten permissiveness to a least-privilege state. This helps you maintain a strong network security posture and improves firewall performance.

We Deliver Performance at Scale.

Tufin supports thousands of firewalls, internal network devices, and cloud resources with the ability to deliver visibility and control across 100 million routes. With Tufin, there’s no cracking under complexity. Our network security policy software supports all major firewall providers including Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Check Point, Fortinet, and many others. Tufin also integrates easily with third-party IT service management platforms for end-to-end automation of firewall change workflows, rule cleanups, and server decommissioning.

Gain Unparalleled Visibility Across Your Audit Landscape.

Tufin delivers unmatched network and cloud topology intelligence across internal networks and cloud platforms for holistic visibility across your enterprise. Track rule changes (who, what, when), perform comprehensive risk analysis, troubleshoot network misconfigurations, accelerate remediation, tighten overly permissive rules, and more.


What are the main steps of a firewall audit?

There are six main steps that should be performed in a firewall audit. These are 1) Review your organization’s firewall security policy, 2) Review your firewall operations policies, 3) Review authorizations and permissions of your firewall administrators, 4) Review your firewall change procedures, 5) Review the firewall system design, and 6) Review the firewall review process.

How do you audit a firewall policy?

In a firewall policy audit, organizations should prioritize the review of the access policy change process and the firewall ruleset. The goal of the first review is to ensure that requested changes have proper approvals and have been implemented, and documented correctly. The goal of the second review is to evaluate the firewall security rulebase for each policy used in your internal and external firewalls.

Why is firewall policy automation important?
The manual tasks required to create, manage, and update firewall policies are a time-consuming and often lead to misconfigurations, which can open the door to cyberattacks. By automating firewall management processes, network security teams can more easily implement and manage mature network segmentation strategies, deploy new firewalls faster, identify and correct overly permissive firewall rulesets, benefit from real-time violation alerting, and limit network traffic based on least-privilege cybersecurity principles.
How does Tufin’s technology support continuous compliance?
Tufin Orchestration Suite enables automated rule lifecycle management, for more regular review of existing firewall rules (including approved exceptions) against current compliance requirements and business needs. Once risk analyses and needs assessments are complete and any issues addressed, the Tufin solution automatically recertifies firewall rules for continuous compliance.
How does Firewall Security Policy Management Software Help Maintain PCI Compliance?
A network security policy management solution abstracts the complexity of managing firewalls and cloud environments from multiple vendors, so you can plan, implement and manage security policy from a central management console. This makes it easier to design mature segmentation policies ensuring payment card data is not exposed to the Internet and that the proper access controls are in place. It will also monitor for violations against your internal PCI-related cybersecurity policies to let you know if firewall configurations and or cloud connectivity changes are made that put PCI-DSS related data at risk.

Get the visibility and control you need to secure your enterp

Only Tufin provides automation and a unified security policy, from on-prem to cloud, across NetSec and DevOps.

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