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Our Impact on Your Hybrid-Cloud Network Security Policy Operations

94% Faster Network Access Implementation

In complex networks, Tufin cut down access change implementation from days to 30 minutes.

80% Lower Breach Risk with Tufin

Tufin's advanced risk analysis reduced a client's breach risk by 80%, saving over $3M in potential costs in three years.

Audit Time Cut: 40 Hours to 30 Minutes

Tufin streamlined audits for a finance customer, reducing 40-hour tasks to just 30 minutes, contributing to $5M in 3-year savings.

75% More Efficient Connectivity Management

With Tufin, a NetOps team improved connectivity management by 75%, translating to $715K savings over three years.

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Why is Enterprise Different?  

Manage All Security Policies from One Console 

Simplify management and maintain consistency in your heterogeneous network environment. Our unified console covers on-premise firewalls, cloud devices, and more, offering out-of-the-box templates for industry regulations and customization for your specific needs. 

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Manage All Security Policies from One Console

Extensive Firewall Vendor Integration 

Tufin leads in multi-vendor firewall and cloud network support, covering a vast array of enterprise solutions that ensure comprehensive coverage and enhanced automation for your network. Our integrations extend across SOAR, IPAM, SIEM, and more, fortified by intuitive APIs for custom connections. 

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Extensive Firewall Vendor Integration

Advanced Automation for Zero-Trust Security 

Tufin's automation solutions provide an efficient pathway to manage networks under zero-trust principles. Simplify the implementation of network policy changes with our pre-built templates, cutting down SLAs and improving audit accuracy. 

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Advanced Automation for Zero-Trust Security

Scalable Solutions for Global Networks 

Tufin is designed for the world's largest and most complex networks, offering scalability to match your growth. Our solution supports thousands of devices and millions of routes, ensuring no service degradation. As your enterprise grows, Tufin grows with you. 

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Scalable Solutions for Global Networks

Comprehensive Network Troubleshooting 

Tufin simplifies network troubleshooting. Our market-leading solution enables quick identification and resolution of misconfigurations and disruptions, with an interactive topology map for real-time control and faster issue resolution. 

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Comprehensive Network Troubleshooting

Automate Your Firewall Rule Management 

With Tufin, managing firewall rules becomes a streamlined, automated process. Our system effectively identifies outdated rules and manages reviews, offering automated workflows that ensure a thorough and consistent audit trail. 

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Automate Your Firewall Rule Management

Secure, Standardized Rapid Access Enablement 

Tufin ensures rapid and standardized access enablement across organizations - without sacrificing security. Our platform centralizes rule set administration, automating and accelerating firewall changes for efficient incident response and risk mitigation. 

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Secure, Standardized Rapid Access Enablement

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Deploy apps faster, accelerate incident response, and maximize network security efficiency. 

Transforming Network Security &

Elevate your network security and cloud security operations with Tufin's product tiers. Our tiers cater to complex use cases, spanning from segmentation insights to enterprise-wide orchestration and automation, and offer a comprehensive approach to network security policy management.


Firewall & Security Policy Management: Drive your security policy journey with SecureTrack+

  • Centralize network security policy management, risk mitigation and compliance monitoring across firewalls, NGFWs, routers, switches, SDN and hybrid cloud
  • Automate policy optimization
  • Prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilities


Network Security Change Automation: Enhance your visbility and automate mundane tasks with SecureChange+

  • Achieve continuous compliance
  • Reduce network change SLAs by up to 90% with network change design and rule lifecycle management
  • Identify risky attack vectors and detect lateral movement
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues across the hybrid cloud


Zero-Trust Network Security at Scale: Fortify your network security operations with Enterprise

  • Achieve zero-touch automation through provisioning of network access changes
  • Deploy apps faster through application connectivity management
  • Minimize downtime and data loss with High Availability and built-in redundancy