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Our Impact on Your Hybrid-Cloud Network Security Policy Operations

Access Changes 94% Quicker

A financial firm cut network change tasks from days to 30 minutes.

Minimize Breach Risk by 80%

By streamlining risk analysis, Tufin safeguarded finances to the tune of $3M over three years.

Reduce Audit Time by Over 99%

With Tufin, a financial services organization reduced their audit efforts from a daunting 40 hours to just 30 minutes.

Improve Connectivity by 75%

Tufin's clear network insights yielded a 75% uptick in productivity, equating to $715K in savings over three years.

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Why is SecureChange+ Different? 

Central Control for Security Policies 

Embrace simplicity with Tufin's unified security policy management. Across on-prem, SDNs, and the cloud, we've got you covered with an intuitive console that puts you in command of your security landscape. Visualize and tailor security zones effortlessly, harnessing our library of standard and customizable templates designed to meet an array of regulatory and corporate policies. 

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Central Control for Security Policies

Broad Firewall Vendor Support 

At Tufin, we've cast a wide net to encompass every firewall flavor and cloud network you operate. Our robust support extends across the leading vendors, equipping you with a suite of features that drive intelligent automation and integration, from SOAR to SIEM. And for anything extra, our adaptable APIs are ready to connect the dots, empowering you to tailor your security operations seamlessly. 

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Broad Firewall Vendor Support

Smart Automation, Swift Tasks 

Tufin champions the zero-trust approach, automating your network security tasks with exceptional speed and accuracy. Utilize our templates to apply network policies across your enterprise effortlessly, cutting down SLA fulfillment from days to mere minutes and propelling your audit preparations into the fast lane. 

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Smart Automation, Swift Tasks

Hybrid-Cloud Diagnostics, Simplified 

Tufin transforms troubleshooting from a challenge to a straightforward task. Leverage our full-spectrum network insights to rapidly address and resolve connectivity hurdles in your hybrid-cloud infrastructure, keeping your operations agile and disruption-free. 

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Hybrid-Cloud Diagnostics, Simplified

Boundless Network Expansion 

Designed for the enterprise, Tufin stands ready to elevate your network's capabilities. Our platform thrives amid complexity, supporting an immense number of devices and routes. Choose Tufin for scalability that matches your growth trajectory, backed by our unparalleled professional services. 

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Boundless Network Expansion

Streamlined Compliance Rule Handling 

Tufin delivers a hands-off approach to rule lifecycle management. From identification to decommissioning, our automated workflows keep your firewall rules compliant, up-to-date, and well-documented, freeing your team to focus on strategic security tasks. 

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Streamlined Compliance Rule Handling

Consistent Security Automation 

Achieve swift standardization without sacrificing security through Tufin. Centralized controls automate and align rule administration, expedite access changes, and bolster incident management across your network ecosystem. 

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Consistent Security Automation

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Transforming Network Security & Automation

Elevate your network security and cloud security operations with Tufin's product tiers. Addressing the most challenging use cases, from segmentation insights to enterprise-wide orchestration and automation, experience a holistic approach to network security policy management.


Firewall & Security Policy Management: Drive your security policy journey with SecureTrack+

  • Centralize network security policy management, risk mitigation and compliance monitoring across firewalls, NGFWs, routers, switches, SDN and hybrid cloud
  • Automate policy optimization
  • Prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilities
  • Enforce a security policy for cloud-native applications


Network Security Change Automation: Enhance your visibility and automate mundane tasks with SecureChange+

  • Achieve continuous compliance
  • Reduce network change SLAs by up to 90% with network change design and rule lifecycle management
  • Identify risky attack vectors and detect lateral movement
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues across the hybrid cloud


Zero-Trust Network Security at Scale: Fortify your network security operations with Enterprise

  • Achieve zero-touch automation through provisioning of network access changes
  • Deploy apps faster through application connectivity management
  • Minimize downtime and data loss with High Availability and built-in redundancy