Orchestration of Network Change Processes

The Tufin Orchestration Suite™ coordinates the systems and processes that provide network connectivity and enforce security policy – not just firewalls and routers, but servers and applications as well. At the technical level, the Tufin Orchestration Suite bridges the organizational security policy and the specific implementation of each device. At the process level, the Tufin Orchestration Suite connects the application teams requiring network changes with the network security teams that need to design, assess, and implement the requested changes. Orchestrating expedites change and approval processes to ensure that application teams meet business needs while security retains visibility over policy adherence.

All Devices and Vendors

The Tufin Orchestration Suite enables central management of all of your network-layer, next-generation and IPv6 firewalls, and other types of network security infrastructure such as routers, switches, and load balancers. The singular view of network device configurations enables effective management of today’s complex, heterogeneous, and hybrid cloud network environments.

Integration with Complementary Systems

The Tufin Orchestration Suite integrates with a variety of systems including help desks, ticketing, and service provisioning through RESTful APIs. Seamless integrations across IT operational tools expedite network security changes while enhancing the efficiency of utilizing multiple security and network technologies that increase productivity and accuracy. Tufin encourages our customers to utilize our API library to find new ways to utilize our automation features to develop new and innovative process improvements.

Tufin’s API enables you to: 

  • Integrate SecureChange with ticketing systems
  • Submit access requests from a self-service portal
  • Define connectivity templates for end user access requests
  • Identify security rules that allow or block access
  • Uniformly display rules and objects from multiple vendors
  • Retrieve policy cleanup and optimizations tasks
  • Manage rule documentation and recertification, and integrate with other repositories
  • Search for rules, network objects, services and network interfaces
  • Add offline devices and configurations
  • Manage SecureApp applications including servers, connections and connectivity status
  • Import SecureApp connections from firewalls and other sources
  • Submit application access requests
  • Extend Tufin’s automation features to enhance internal processes

Tufin Developer Community

The Tufin Developer Community lets TOS developers get assistance, share their projects, and learn how other companies leverage the automation features of Tufin with homegrown or open source network security orchestration tools, or their security incident response programs.

Tufin engineers are active in the community to provide direct answers to posted questions. In a forum dependent on individual innovation, all ideas and feedback are welcome.

To access the conversation surrounding Tufin’s RESTful API’s, visit the Tufin Developer Community.

Tufin REST APIs Collection in Postman

You can download Postman collections for the Tufin REST API from https://github.com/Tufin/postman/tree/master

After importing you will be able to browse the APIs and see their detailed descriptions (by expanding the little triangle next to the API name). Descriptions include implementation notes, parameters, usage example, and response messages (when applicable). When relevant an example body is also provided; you can alter this body to meet your needs.

You can also run the APIs directly from Postman. To do so, you will need to define the required environment variables which appear in the URL between double curly brackets. You can find these variables in the included tufin.postman_environment that you can import.

You’ll need to define basic authorization (username and password)!

For more details see Using Tufin’s REST API collections in Postman.

PyTOS2-Community Edition – Python library for Tufin REST APIs

PyTOS-CE (Community Edition) is a freely available software development kit (SDK) that enables Tufin customers to make it easier for their developers to integrate Python applications to seamlessly interact with Tufin’s solutions. PyTOS-CE can be utilized to make deployment and interaction among the Tufin platform and your company’s existing infrastructure easier. PyTOS-CE is an open source project that receives further enhancement through end user and Tufin collaboration on the code, sharing ideas on projects, and developing new ways to automate security policies. https://gitlab.com/tufinps/pytos2-ce