Why Tufin

Zero Trust Architecture assumes that breaches are inevitable but not fatal, if you can rapidly address them and minimize the damage. A key technique in Zero Trust security is segmenting your network for least-privilege access to reduce attack surface, following the principle “never trust, always verify.”

If you need to segment your complex, hybrid-cloud, multi-vendor network, Tufin is an essential tool that increases visibility, allows policy control, and accountability.

Visibility for Realtime Threats

When it comes to network segmentation and cybersecurity, visibility is your greatest asset. Tufin empowers security teams with insights into data center traffic flows. Our platform enables you to identify vulnerabilities, prevent unauthorized access, segment user identity, all within a zero-trust network access (ZTNA) framework.

Whether securing apps or managing access to SaaS applications, Tufin’s robust API integration supports various cybersecurity use cases. Stay ahead of malware threats and secure access with Tufin’s comprehensive visibility, ensuring your network is always protected.

Manageability for Complex Networks

In large and complex networks or during digital transformation, applying a uniform segmentation policy across the network becomes an enormous challenge.

Tufin’s platform facilitates granular control over subnets and firewalls, allowing organizations to reduce their attack surface and enhance their security posture. Through micro-segmentation and a Zero Trust approach, we prevent lateral movement, bolstering network security in both on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

Tufin supports cloud infrastructure providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS and GCP, ensuring seamless integration with your cloud service security controls.

Accountability for Compliance

Stop worrying about your next audit, and get the compliance tracking that ensures you are audit-ready, any time.

  • Segmentation and Security Policies: Implement precise segmentation based on stringent security policies to minimize cyber risk and bolster your compliance posture.

  • Zero Trust Model: Embrace the Zero Trust strategy, ensuring that network access is continuously monitored and validated, from on-premises to cloud environments.

  • Real-time Policy Controls: Gain real-time insights into policy controls, enabling quick responses to emerging cyber threats and ensuring ongoing compliance.

  • Automation: Leverage automation to enforce your security model consistently, reducing the risk of overly permissive access enablement.

Tufin keeps you ahead of the compliance curve, securing your organization’s future.


Can Tufin help protect against Ransomware attacks?

Yes, with its powerful threat intelligence analysis, Tufin can help identify attack paths and access rules that are vulnerable, allowing you to shut down access and stop many kinds of cyberattacks in their tracks.

How do micro-perimeters increase my protection?

With a strong Zero Trust network, all your microsegments are micro perimeters, assuring that the security controls are as close to the data as possible and meet the appropriate access control needs. With Tufin, you can easily visualize, track, and manage these micro-perimeters, allowing Zero Trust to achieve its full impact.

Can Tufin assist in managing VLANs within a network?

With Tufin, you can create, modify, and monitor VLAN configurations, automate policy enforcement across VLANs, and maintain compliance within your network infrastructure. Whether you need to streamline network segmentation, monitor authentication, or ensure VLAN compliance, Tufin offers the necessary features to manage VLANs efficiently.