Firewall configuration analysis, cleanup and optimization management

Tufin’s security policy automation and orchestration platform delivers the industry’s leading firewall management software, allowing you to automatically analyze and optimize your device configurations across hundreds or thousands of traditional, NGFW and cloud-native firewalls. With automated cleanup, intelligent security policy optimization and automatic rule lifecycle management, Tufin allows you to operationalize firewall optimization and implement daily cloud and network firewall rule reviews.

  • Centralize and automate firewall optimization.
  • Find and remove unused and shadowed rules in real time.
  • Automatically define least-privilege firewall configurations, based on network traffic history.
  • Remove outdated rules across hundreds or thousands of firewalls automatically.
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“We save countless hours on rule cleanup and compliance reporting, and we can give management visibility without pulling one of our valuable team members from critical tasks,”

— Cybersecurity Manager, Large U.S. Utilities Company

Automate firewall management across multi-vendor, multi-cloud network infrastructure.

Manage connectivity on thousands of firewalls through a single pane of glass.

Save thousands of hours a year, and overcome staffing shortages.

Improve network performance, and make migrations easier and safer.

Maintain least-privilege firewall configurations, and minimize attack surface.

Extend security policy optimization to cloud-native firewalls for improved cloud security.

Faster Firewall Cleanups, Better Network Security.

With Tufin, you can eliminate bloated cloud and network firewall rulesets and easily maintain security policy hygiene with real-time reporting of unused and shadowed rules. Providing this holistic visibility across your heterogeneous network infrastructure, Tufin allows you to automatically remove unwanted rules or update them consistently across your devices, via the rule decommissioning workflow.

Because Tufin also provides comprehensive firewall change management, every change you make is documented. Firewall policy cleanup automation has saved Tufin customers thousands of hours a year.

Optimize Firewall Configurations Automatically.

Firewall rules with high permissiveness can be a security risk, but the manual nature of implementing firewall changes is too slow to keep pace with the speed of business. So network teams often prioritize establishing connectivity over minimizing permissiveness.

Firewall policy management with Tufin can eliminate the need to choose between permissiveness and granting network access quickly. The security policy generator uses your network traffic history to determine who really needs access, automatically creating least-privilege firewall policies. This helps you optimize network security controls quickly and make it regular part of your team’s policy management process. If you need to grant access quickly, Tufin will do the work to tighten permissiveness once a network traffic baseline has been established.

Automate Firewall Rule Lifecycle Management.

Automate the recertification process to track, monitor, and manage the expiration of firewall rules. Tufin simplifies and automates the firewall rule review and recertification process. The firewall management system automatically identifies expiring or expired rules and maps them to their owner(s), enabling simple recertification or decertification of rules.

Once expiring rules are identified a workflow is triggered whereby tickets are opened and security policy and metadata changes are implemented.


What is the purpose of firewall analysis?

Firewall analysis is necessary for proper network security control configuration management. Over time, firewall security policies and rulesets can become outdated, unnecessary, or inconsistent. Firewall analyzers or security policy analysis tools, generate audit reports to help enterprises support troubleshooting and ensure that security policies are up to date and enforced consistently across their on-premises and cloud network. While this process can be done manually, it is time-consuming and susceptible to human error, driving many organizations to look for automated firewall analyzer solutions that can remotely correct and configure network security controls from a single network connectivity management interface.

Is firewall management software the same as a firewall analyzer?

Firewall management tools, or network security policy management solutions, are more comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that help organizations centralize the management of network and cloud connectivity to ensure compliance with enterprise network security policies. These solutions centralize segmentation planning and management, monitor for violations across on-premises and cloud devices and automate network access changes. They also provide real-time visibility into firewall policy violations and generate customizable audit reports. Ensuring network and cloud connectivity is in compliance with security policies is critical to ensuring that endpoints, data and applications remain secure.

What should you look for in a firewall analyzer?

Beyond automation, enterprises should look for a firewall analyzer that supports multi-vendor firewall devices, including next-generation firewalls (e.g., Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, SonicWall), as well as multiple cloud providers (e.g. AWS and Azure). It should provide real-time reports of policy violations, including reports that demonstrate compliance with critical regulations and standards, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA and GDPR. Mre advanced security policy automation solutions, like Tufin, enable api integration with vulnerability scanners to help teams prioritize vulnerabilities, further reducing the risk of cyberattacks.