Security Policy Orchestration for Microsoft Azure

Tufin software solutions provide centralized firewall security policy orchestration for Microsoft Azure instances with visibility using a single console.

Tufin Orchestration Suite provides centralized firewall security policy management of Microsoft Azure VNets, Network Security Groups and (VM) Instances alongside on-premise data centers and other cloud platforms. This is to achieve full visibility and topology analysis into north-south traffic between the on-premise environment and the VNet, and between VNets across the enterprise using a single console.

There are multiple options to connect your on-premise environment to your Azure environment. Tufin supports the four most common connection configuration options – ExpressRoute, VNet Peering, IPSEC VPN, and third-party firewalls, allowing you to run traffic simulation queries, analysis, and troubleshoot connectivity issues based on an accurate topology map. This will enable you to gain better visibility, to start efficiently managing and controlling your multi-vendor, fragmented network as one.

Tufin enables enterprises to gain full visibility into the cloud infrastructure security, including VMs, application connectivity, security groups, and other cloud network assets. 

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