Centralize network access management across hybrid cloud

Bridge the gaps between network and cloud security teams with centralized network access management across your on-premises and cloud-based environments. Tufin centralizes network security policy management for on-premises, third-party cloud firewalls and cloud-native assets.

  • Real-time visibility into network and cloud architecture and associated security configurations
  • Simplified design and management of network and cloud segmentation and microsegmentation
  • App- and service-level visibility into all cloud assets, cloud applications, services, and network traffic (North/South and East/West)

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Manage application connectivity across your multi-cloud environment

Gain real-time visibility into all your multi-cloud network security assets and inventory and their associated rules and permissions. This app-centric visibility provides holistic visibility into connectivity from your internal network and across your clouds.

  • Intuitive user interface and real-time visibility into and control over all apps and traffic flows
  • Automatically translate access requirements into security policy changes on relevant firewalls
  • Maintain continuous compliance within hybrid cloud environments

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Centralize segmentation management

Leverage a common security policy engine to deploy and manage policies across firewalls and security groups. Support faster, low-risk network change management with fully automated workflows that support change requests, risk analysis against company policy, and automated rule design, provisioning, and validation.

  • Define and manage a global security policy within a single console.
  • Build, deploy, and manage segmentation policies

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Faster vulnerability triage and rapid remediation

Tufin’s network connectivity intelligence spans data centers, VPNs, on-premises and cloud environments so security admins have the context they need to triage the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threat to business assets.

Tufin integrates with all major vulnerability scanners and consolidates multi-vendor data into one dashboard. Security teams can easily and quickly identify high-risk vulnerabilities in highest-value network segments. Tufin helps teams automate network access changes to avoid exposure and block access to vulnerable systems until issues can be remediated. It’s a one-stop hybrid cloud security solution.

Prep for audits in hours, not days

Leverage Tufin’s central console for monitoring, maintaining and proving continuous compliance with industry regulations (e.g. PCI) and internal policies (e.g. SIEM) across firewalls and routers, SDN, hybrid cloud environments and multi-cloud environments.

  • Generate security audit reports on demand and ensure you always meet data protection requirements (i.e. GDPR)
  • Easily automate reports based on criteria such as business area, firewall, vendors, cloud service providers, time periods, and geographic regions


What is public cloud versus private cloud? Does Tufin facilitate network security across both?

Yes Tufin support both public and private cloud environments and integrates with private cloud technologies, such as VMWare NSX, Cisco ACI.

Private cloud (a.k.a. internal cloud or corporate cloud) is an internal cloud architecture, ideally built in alignment with cloud-native principles. In a private cloud environment, the hardware and software are accessible by a single customer. A public cloud is a cloud computing infrastructure that is shared by multiple customers.

Private cloud yields the benefits of public cloud computing, such as scalability, elasticity and agile service delivery. However, because it’s internal, the organization maintains the access control, security, and resource customization of an on-premises infrastructure.

Many companies with strict regulatory oversight need to employ private cloud infrastructure to ensure security for workloads that involve sensitive data.

What tools does Tufin integrate with?

The Tufin Orchestration Suite works across cloud environment configurations of all kinds. We support cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform for full visibility and automation across cloud services and assets (including serverless).

Tufin integrates with private cloud SDN, SD-WAN and SASE technologies, such as:

VMWare NSX, Cisco ACI, ZScaler, and more.

Tufin integrates with many network security tools organizations commonly used in threat detection, threat prevention, and data loss/malware/ransomware prevention use cases. Tufin also integrates with many change management, change automation, reporting, network segmentation, and SecOps/incident response tools. Discover all the tools that integrate with Tufin.

Tufin has a large ecosystem of partners. Learn about the Tufin partner ecosystem.

Should be Can Tufin automate access changes on third-party cloud firewalls?

Yes, Tufin is the leader in managing connectivity from, to and within cloud environments. Tufin’s firewall management capabilities extend to third-party cloud firewalls.