VMware Partner

The Software-Defined Network enables a substantially improved operational mode with greater agility, lower operational overhead, a lower capital expenditure model, and a higher degree of control than the public cloud. VMware NSX offers an opportunity to redefine how organizations create and secure their virtual networks.

Through interoperability with the VMware NSX network virtualization platform, the Tufin Orchestration Suite™ provides a single plane of glass to provide visibility and control of the SDN, on-prem network, and public clouds. The single console solution enables IT and security teams to reap the benefits of the SDN while ensuring a secure, manageable, and continuously compliant hybrid network. Changes to the network are automatically designed for the most efficient and compliant access path, provisioned across all devices, validated, and tracked for audit preparedness.



  • Design, manage, and further develop micro-segmentation across the on-prem network, the NSX SDN (either by IPs or Security Groups), and public clouds while ensuring business continuity
  • Centralize management of security policies across all firewalls, routers, and switches throughout the entire data center via a single interface
  • Understand the current risk posture, and assess potential risks before provisioning policy changes across all devices
  • Provision changes to the NSX Distributed Firewall and other NGFWs, legacy firewalls, and public cloud to ensure connectivity
  • Perform real-time corporate security policy compliance monitoring, analysis, and alerts on policy changes
  • Continuously track security policy configuration changes across virtual and physical networks
  • Transition applications to the SDN swiftly and securely, and validate connectivity
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