Security Policy Automation for VMware NSX and the Software Defined Network (SDN)

Learn how Tufin provides enhanced support for VMware NSX-T and NSX-v firewall security policy automation.

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Tufin Orchestration Suite for VMware provides unified network security policy management and visibility of the NSX-T, NSX-V, and the hybrid environment. IT and security teams can automatically apply and enforce micro-segmentation across all environments to ensure only trusted traffic flows are allowed.

Firewall security Policy violations are automatically detected and alerted in real-time for rapid mitigation. In addition, network changes are automatically designed for the most efficient and compliant access path, provisioned across all devices, validated, and tracked for audit preparedness.

Tufin integration helps VMware NSX customers achieve:

  • End-to-end Visibility. View and track changes to network security policies and configuration across the NSX-T environment and the rest of the hybrid network
  • Micro-segmentation. Define and manage micro-segmentation across any environment, including NSX-T and NSX-V
  • Policy-driven change automation. Automate network changes while enabling adherence to corporate policy, understanding the potential risk, and pushing changes to relevant devices
Learn more about how VMware NSX users can use Tufin firewall security policy automation solutions.
network segmentation
Design, manage, and further develop micro-segmentation across the on-prem network, the NSX SDN (either by IPs or Security Groups), and public clouds while ensuring business continuity


firewall analyzer
Centralize management of security policies across all firewalls, routers, and switches throughout the entire data center via a single interface. Provision changes to the NSX Distributed Firewall and other NGFWs, legacy firewalls, and public cloud to ensure connectivity


network security policy management
Understand the current risk posture and assess potential risks before provisioning policy changes across all devices. Perform real-time corporate security policy compliance monitoring, analysis, and alerts on policy changes. Continuously track security policy configuration changes across virtual and physical networks


connectivity icon
Transition applications to the SDN swiftly and securely, and validate connectivity

Supported Products

  • VMWare NSX-T
  • VMWare vCenter
  • VMWare NSX-v

Visit the Tufin Knowledge Center for VMWare supported devices, platforms and version numbers.

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Track firewall rule changes simultaneously for both VMware NSX-v & NSX-T combined with other leading multi-vendor firewall device policy changes – all from a single dashboard!