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Cloud adoption is proliferating, throughout organizations and business of all sizes. According to a 2015 ESG white paper titled “Network Security Operations and Cloud Computing,” 91% of enterprises are already using public cloud platforms from leading providers such as AWS. While these new platforms offer clear benefits to the enterprise such as increased business agility and reduced costs, they can compromise network security by increasing attack surface, exposing the business to cyber threats.

Tufin Orchestration Suite provides centralized management with end-to-end, policy-based change automation of Amazon VPCs, Security Groups and Instances alongside on-premises data centers and other cloud platforms — for full visibility across the enterprise using a single console. With Tufin, organizations can seamlessly extend network security management to critical business applications deployed on AWS, while ensuring the enterprise is fully secure and compliant.


  • Gain comprehensive visibility to AWS applications, resources and security groups in real-time with automated discovery and modeling
  • Manage and control enterprise security policy across hybrid cloud and physical networks from a single pane of glass
  • Leverage application-centric visibility and control across public and private clouds
  • Enforce continuous compliance and audit readiness for AWS applications
  • Mitigate cyber threats with tight management of network segmentation and zones
  • Maximize business agility with application connectivity management and network security intelligence
  • Boost productivity without compromising security with policy-based automation for changes to AWS security groups (including automated provisioning)
  • Simplify application migration to AWS and ensure security policy compliance throughout the process
Security Policy Orchestration for Amazon Web Services (AWS)