Centralize and automate network security policy management

  • Design segmentation policies across your hybrid, multi-vendor network within a centralized, visual console.
  • Automate network access changes from request to implementation.
  • Gain real-time policy violation alerts with continuous visibility into your current network security posture.
  • Manage complex heterogeneous physical networks and cloud connectivity through a single pane of glass.
  • Reduce audit prep time from weeks to hours.
  • Reduce access change time from hours or days to minutes.
  • Minimize misconfiguration errors and security risk during access changes with built-in risk assessment as part of the automated process.


Deploy Network Security Policy Changes in Minutes.

Accelerate network and cloud segmentation initiatives, digital transformation projects and the delivery of applications, while controlling network security risks. We let you use automation to optimize security controls and leverage automated network security change workflows.

  • Unmatched topology mapping powers efficient target selection and path analysis for faster changes and troubleshooting.
  • The dynamic network topology modeling and interactive map integrates with your IPAM to automatically sync as your network evolves.
  • Tufin is built for unsurpassed scalability, supporting thousands of firewalls and 100M+ routes
  • Reduce attack surface by automating rule cleanup and enforcement point optimization, leveraging traffic history to determine a least-privilege policy, reducing attack surface
  • Establish a baseline of permitted and blocked traffic and monitor violations in real-time
  • Automate rule lifecycle management, eliminating rule review backlog and implementing daily rule review and recertification
  • The built-in risk assessment can check for vulnerability at source and destination during the automated change process.
  • Maintain continuous compliance with industry regulations and internal policies


Maintain Continuous Compliance and Be Always Audit Ready.

Tufin allows you to monitor, control and troubleshoot misconfigurations across all leading firewalls, routers and switches, SDN, public clouds and containers. A variety of purpose-built and customizable reports are available allowing you to easily demonstrate compliance with regulatory mandates and industry standards.

Tufin customers report cutting down audit preparations from over a month to days, and even hours, with automated reporting across the hybrid network, a fully documented change process, and a proactive risk analysis that identifies and manages violations even before they are implemented.

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The joint offering enables IT security teams to manage complex heterogeneous physical networks and cloud platforms through a single pane of glass, providing visibility and risk-free firewall policy modifications. Based on advanced analysis and automation technologies, network security policies are orchestrated across the enterprise networks, leveraging Fortinet Firewall capabilities.

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What is Fortinet FortiGate Firewall?

Fortinet FortiGate NGFW provides deep visibility across form factors and can easily scale to any on-prem, cloud, or hybrid location. With in-depth threat intelligence and integrated zero-trust network access, FortiGate provides teams with:

  • Hybrid cloud security powered by AI
  • Enforce VXLAN, network, application, and endpoint security segmentation
  • Block unauthorized traffic to IoT devices and configure network authentication
  • Strengthened cybersecurity capabilities to manage vulnerabilities and halt threats
  • Enterprise-grade security for operational technology environments and connectivity
  • Free version of FortiClient IPsec and SSL VPN
  • An extensive network of qualified services providers and MSSPs
  • Regular updates to FortiOS for effective threat detection, including FortiGuard IPS security services
  • Option for FortiCare support services and FortiAnalyzer for log management, analytics, and reporting

Learn more about how Tufin abstracts network security management complexity.

What is FortiManager?

FortiManager enables centralized network and security policy management with automation-driven network visibility and configuration management. With zero-touch provisioning, streamlined workflows, and enterprise-level high availability, FortiManager’s Network Operations Center (NOC) enables teams and organizations to:

  • Maintain a central management platform for Fortinet network operations
  • Reduce complexity and implement security automation enabled by REST API, scripts, connectors, and automation stitches
  • Set up secure SD-WAN provisioning across all physical locations
  • Manage 100k+ firewalls, switches, and access points
  • Send syslog traffic to Tufin SecureTrack with FortiAnalyzer

Learn how to monitor FortiNet FortiManager devices with Tufin and uncover how Tufin simplified network security management.

Get the visibility and control you need to secure your enterprise.

Only Tufin provides automation and a unified security policy, from on-prem to cloud, across NetSec and DevOps.