Bridge Gaps Between Network and Cloud Security Teams

Tufin empowers network security pros to centrally manage policies across all assets and perimeter defenses, lets cloud architects design and deploy policies to protect cloud-native services, and enables both teams to collaborate successfully to deliver an enterprise-wide zero-trust architecture.

  • Gain real-time visibility into all network and cloud architecture and associated security configurations.

  • Simplify the design and management of network and cloud segmentation / microsegmentation

  • Reduce access change SLAs from days to minutes.

Real-time visibility & policy design automation

  • Gain real-time, app and service-level visibility into all cloud assets, services, and traffic (North/South and East/West).

  • Analyze risk and network access/connectivity configurations to maintain cloud data security

  • Automate the design and deployment of security policy across your cloud infrastructure

Automated risk analysis, security alerting, and policy enforcement across the hybrid network

An aggressive security posture demands comprehensive network security across the enterprise. Tufin is the industry’s only security policy management platform designed to protect both on-premises and cloud environments

Simplify Network and Cloud Segmentation.

The growing complexity of network and cloud infrastructure prevents the effective design and implementation of network segmentation across a multi-vendor hybrid cloud environment. Tufin allows you to centralize the design, management and violation monitoring of segmentation policies across your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Holistic visibility, automation and continuous monitoring with real-time alerting on policy violations will vastly improve your security posture and make it easier to maintain zero-trust principles.

Application Connectivity Management.

Tufin provides an intuitive user interface and real-time visibility into and control over all apps and traffic flows. App owners can easily manage application-critical connectivity based on their understanding of access requirements, with only minimal required knowledge of network topology or firewall and router policies. Tufin automatically translates access requirements into security policy changes on the relevant firewalls via a process that is fully transparent to both cybersecurity and application teams. This is just another way Tufin enables multi-team collaboration and maintains a state of continuous compliance within hybrid cloud environments.

Virtually eliminate manual audit prep tasks.

Leverage a central console for monitoring, maintaining and proving continuous compliance with industry regulations and internal policies across firewalls and routers, SDN, SASE, hybrid cloud environments and multi-cloud environments. Tufin generates security audit reports on demand. Reports can be easily automated, based on criteria, such as business area, firewall vendors, cloud service providers, time periods, and geographic regions.

Drive visibility and collaboration across network and cloud teams.

A centralized security policy engine for both on-premises networks and cloud-native platforms ensures end-to-end security for enterprise apps, assets, and cloud workloads. Tufin delivers security policy visibility across Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.


What is public cloud versus private cloud?

Private cloud (a.k.a. internal cloud or corporate cloud) is an internal cloud architecture, ideally built in alignment with cloud-native principles. In a private cloud environment, the hardware and software are accessible by a single customer. A public cloud is a cloud computing infrastructure that is shared by multiple customers.

Private cloud yields the benefits of public cloud computing, such as scalability, elasticity and agile service delivery. However, because it’s internal, the organization maintains the access control, security, and resource customization of an on-premises infrastructure.

Many companies with strict regulatory oversight need to employ private cloud infrastructure to ensure security for workloads that involve sensitive data.

What security challenges exist in cloud environments?

Hybrid and multi-cloud environments bring added operational complexity that puts sensitive data security at risk. Visibility across hybrid, multi-cloud ecosystem is fragmented. There are many different network and cloud security solutions employed, which only adds to the fragmentation.

Cloud security and network security are usually separate teams that cannot see each other’s environments, security controls or toolsets. Yet often applications in the cloud need to connect to an on-premises data center.

The complexity and fragmentation leads to cloud misconfigurations, compliance challenges, and the need to rely on many different dashboards to keep track of all the changes and activity.

Which cloud platforms does Tufin support?

Tufin integrates with Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

Transforming Network Security &

Elevate your network security and cloud security operations with Tufin's product tiers. Addressing the most challenging use cases, from segmentation insights to enterprise-wide orchestration and automation, experience a holistic approach to network security policy management.


Firewall & Security Policy Management: Drive your security policy journey with SecureTrack+

  • Centralize network security policy management, risk mitigation and compliance monitoring across firewalls, NGFWs, routers, switches, SDN and hybrid cloud
  • Automate policy optimization
  • Prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilitiess


Network Security Change Automation: Enhance your visbility and automate mundane tasks with SecureChange+

  • Achieve continuous compliance
  • Reduce network change SLAs by up to 90% with network change design and rule lifecycle management
  • Identify risky attack vectors and detect lateral movement
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues across the hybrid cloud


Zero-Trust Network Security at Scale: Fortify your network security operations with Enterprise

  • Achieve zero-touch automation through provisioning of network access changes
  • Deploy apps faster through application connectivity management
  • Minimize downtime and data loss with High Availability and built-in redundancy

Get the visibility and control you need to secure your enterprise.

Only Tufin provides automation and a unified security policy, from on-prem to cloud, across NetSec and DevOps.

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