Unified Security Policy Across Your Hybrid Cloud

End-to-end network security for your cloud and on-premises data, assets, and workloads is now business-critical. Tufin provides a unified, intelligent security engine for the automated design, deployment, and enforcement of security policies across diverse, heterogeneous infrastructures.

Tufin empowers security pros to centrally manage policies across all assets and perimeter defenses, lets cloud architects design and deploy policies to protect cloud-native services, and enables both teams to collaborate successfully to deliver an enterprise-wide Zero Trust architecture. 

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Real-time visibility & policy design automation
  • Gain real-time visibility into all network assets, perimeter defenses and associated security configurations.
  • Design and deploy security policies to drive network microsegmentation.
  • Rapidly identify risky configurations and compare against industry best practices and regulatory standards.
  • Automate the change management and rules remediation workflow to streamline and harden the access request process.
  • Gain real-time, app and service-level visibility into all cloud assets, services, and traffic (North/South and East/West).
  • Analyze risk and network access/connectivity configurations against industry benchmarks and regulatory standards.
  • Automate the design and deployment of security policy across cloud assets and services.
  • Leverage security policy within CI/CD automation pipelines.
Automated risk analysis, security alerting, and policy enforcement across the hybrid network

An aggressive security posture demands comprehensive network security across the enterprise. Tufin is the industry’s only security policy management platform designed to protect both on-premises and cloud environments

Drive visibility and collaboration across network and cloud teams

A unified security policy engine for both on-prem networks and cloud-native platforms ensures end-to-end security for enterprise apps, assets, and workloads

Accelerate reporting and ensure compliance

A centralized network security policy and reporting engine to accelerate and de-risk audits and compliance 

Consistent security policy across the enterprise

With vendor-agnostic support for every network device and public cloud platform, organizations can enforce consistent network security policy no matter how diverse their enterprise infrastructure

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