Firewall & Security Policy Management: Drive your network security policy journey


  • Network health and communications
  • Policy visibility and change tracking


  • Compliance attestation
  • Compliance trends
  • Risk reduction cleanup
  • Continuous audit readiness evaluation
  • Vulnerability exploitability dashboard


  • Zone-based unified security policy
  • Individualized security policy builder
  • Continuous security policy management
  • Pre-built compliance technology integrations


  • Migration support; server policy cloning
  • Server decommissioning
  • Rule decommissioning


Network Security Change Automation: Enhance your visibility and automate mundane tasks

All SecureTrack+ features plus:

Enhanced Automation

  • Network access request
  • Rule and group modification
  • Network access decommissioning

Rule Lifecycle and Ownership

  • Rule recertification
  • Rule lifecycle management

Topology Mapping

  • Network connectivity troubleshooting
  • Network visibility
  • “What if” path analysis
  • Target selection


Zero-Trust Network Security at Scale: Fortify your network security and cloud security operations

All SecureChange+ features plus:

Zero-touch Automation

  • Automated change provisioning

App-based Connectivity Management

  • Application centric security policy generation
  • Application dependency mapping
  • Application mapping to firewall rules with owners

Why Do Enterprises Choose Tufin?


Save Time, Money and Effort

Save thousands of work hours per year with automation and process consistency. Gain speed and collaboration by unifying NetSec and CloudSec processes and teams.

  • 144% ROI with a less than 6-month payback period
  • 94% reduction in effort for network change analysis and implementation
  • 75% reduction in application connectivity management effort

Reduce Risk and Attack Surface

Dramatically reduce your attack surface, accelerate incident response, and minimize vulnerability exposure. Prioritize patching of software and systems by evaluating vulnerabilities exploit ability and asset criticality.

  • 80% reduction in risk of vulnerability-related breach

Achieve Continuous Compliance

Drive a continuous policy-centric security approach. Always be ready to respond to even the most tedious audits at the click of a button.

  • 95% audit preparation and reporting efficiency gain
  • 85% reduction in effort for ongoing rule maintenance