Security Policy Automation for Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall

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Enterprise IT and security experts are under increasing pressure to manage complex network environments and keep up with growing business demands. Lack of centralized visibility of network security hinders the ability to deliver services and applications with the security, speed and accuracy required.

Together, the Tufin Orchestration Suite and Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall provide organizations with a comprehensive application and user-aware management and change automation for secure and compliant environments.

Tufin is a Founding Member of Palo Alto Networks Fuel User Group, a user-led, non-profit group exclusively for PAN customers interested in advancing their existing knowledge of information security, especially in the cloud.

Tufin Orchestration Suite integrated with Palo Alto Networks Security Policy provides:

  • Enhanced view and track changes on Palo Alto Networks NGFW policies, including User-ID, App-ID, FQDN, Content-ID (Security Profiles), Dynamic Address Groups, and Panorama Device Groups
  • Automate access change workflows with custom applications directly from Tufin SecureChange – Users can apply granular policies and automatically manage access changes for custom applications, providing full visibility, reporting, and control of all traffic for any app type (custom/predefined) on your network.
  • Enrich Cortex XSOAR playbooks with network intelligence and change management

Supported Products

  • PANOS Firewalls
  • Panorama Devices

For more information on supported devices, platforms and version numbers please visit the Tufin Knowledge Center.


Webinar: Balancing Transformation and Security Without Compromising Agility with Zero Trust Principles

Join industry experts from Palo Alto Networks, NIST and Tufin for a panel session on the role of Zero Trust paradigm is pivotal in securing networks while responding and planning for major digital transformations.