Professional Services

Tufin Professional Services are network security and development experts that consultatively optimize and integrate Tufin products in your network environment.

The Professional Services team supports all aspects of the initial implementation, configuration, set-up, and integrations with other applications and internally-developed tools. Partnering with Professional Services means that your business needs and processes are reflected in the deployment of the Tufin Orchestration Suite, topology is accurately implemented, custom workflows are configured, application connectivity tracking is deployed, and reporting is delivered to meet your compliance requirements.

Professionally Optimized Deployment

The Professionally Optimized Deployment service assures that the Tufin Orchestration Suite is rapidly and successfully implemented in your network. The deployment is tailored to meet your organizational needs while your team receives training to ensure that they can confidently use your Tufin products and realize an immediate return on investment.

Customizations and Integrations

Your company’s end-users can continue to use their familiar systems while your IT team leverages the powerful automation tools of the Tufin Orchestration Suite in parallel. The Tufin Professional Services team develops custom integrations for third party ticket systems (e.g. BMC Remedy, HP Service Manager), internally-developed portals, internal configuration management databases, vulnerability management applications, SIEMS, and any other business solution that can leverage the automation features of Tufin.

Designated Support Engineer

Tufin’s Designated Support Engineer is a senior-level support professional for your account. The Designated Support Engineer develops an in-depth knowledge of your specific environment, operations, and team. Whether your team has a technical question, experiences an unexpected challenge, or requires guidance or further training on features, the Designated Support Engineer acts as an immediately accessible resource for your team.

Technical Account Manager

The Technical Account Manager provides your organization with a strategic technical expert proficient in architecture, design, and development of network security systems. As an extension of Tufin’s thought leadership, they are intimately familiar with Tufin’s technology, feature potential, and roadmap. The Technical Account Manager offers a forward-thinking and strategic guidance on network security policy management to assure your organization realizes the benefits of automation.

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