Automated Workflows for Firewall Policy Optimization and Cleanup

Tufin SecureChange helps tighten security and not just increase agility and productivity. In addition to having proactive risk analysis built into all new access requests, SecureChange also automates other aspects of access lifecycle including decommissioning for servers and rules. By automatically decommissioning servers or access rules that are no longer in use, security teams can make sure security policies only allow access that is required for the business. Organizations that do not regularly decommission access that is not required may be leaving an open window for the next cyberattack attempt. With end-to-end automation for design, implementation and verification of changes, SecureChange also reduces potential errors and misconfigurations, ensuring a more accurate, more secure delivery of new applications and services.

SecureChange Rule Decommissioning ticket
SecureChange Rule Recertification ticket
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