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Last updated February 15th, 2023 by Pat Walsh

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The third day of Tufinnovate, Tufin’s user and partner conference, saw the addition of a technical developer’s track to complement the continued user and partner tracks. Attendees participated in a user panel, gained deeper insight into the product’s mechanics and advantages, and received instructions on customization through scripting and leveraging the Tufin API.

The final day presented a number of opportunities for Tufin users and partners to network with one another and understand how some of the largest organizations address network policy and security challenges. Users participated in a customer led panel discussing real life examples of leveraging Tufin, and learned some of the best practices from a longtime and deeply implemented Tufin customer. One of the panelists commented that Tufin was more than simply a firewall administration tool, but a motivating reason to fully develop policy consistently across the organization. Other panelists discussed how they’ve trained different groups within their organization on submitting tickets that reduced erroneous or inaccurate tickets from as high as 75% to below 10%.

Tufin’s leaders discussed the changes in the network beyond the rampant adoption of firewalls, and how an application down approach provides greater visibility and understanding of the enterprise network while offering time savings, visibility, and maintaining a continued state of preparedness for audit.

The well-attended development track offered insight into some of the underused but highly relevant features of SecureTrack, and how to take advantage of the policy browser with some of the legacy features. Skilled Tufin users learned about the scripting capabilities and the resulting flexibility that resulted when further integrating Tufin’s rich REST API with third party systems, and the opportunities to further automate ticketing and approval processes.

Tufin customers and partners received a briefing on Tufin’s product direction and continued emphasis on policy-driven automation, with glimpses of upcoming feature sets and products in the development roadmap. Tufin’s leading channel partners were also recognized, with G2 Deployment Advisors being recognized as Partner of the Year, East, and Sayers as Partner of the Year, West.

The two-and-a-half-day conference ended with closing remarks by Tufin’s CEO Ruvi Kitov encouraging the Tufinnovate community to continue to interact with Tufin leaders, and to stay engaged with one another for continued collaboration on addressing some of the universal challenges within enterprise policy management and security.

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