Last updated Nov 8th, 2021 by Dan Rheault

Tufin and Fortinet have a long history of working together to help joint customers overcome their security concerns, so it’s very fitting that we’d team up at this year’s Black Hat – the world’s leading information security conference – for a talk about how Tufin ties into the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Tufin’s solution enables IT and security to centrally manage complex heterogeneous physical networks and cloud platforms and features an integration with Fortinet’s FortiManager and FortiGate. The Tufin connection to the Security Fabric provides visibility into existing risk, enables proactive identification and elimination of new risks, and implements policy changes across Fortinet and other Tufin-supported devices in minutes. And while we will highlight achieving business agility coupled tightly with security, we’re also going to share how Tufin ties into the Fortinet Security Fabric to enable incident response through automated workflows.

As one of the first partners to join the Fabric-Ready Program, Tufin plays a critical role within the Fortinet Security Fabric. Tufin’s ability to aggregate, orchestrate, and provision changes to security policy in Fortinet solutions, together with physical, virtual and cloud platforms from other vendors allows joint customers to:

  • Gain visibility into the state of current risk within the network, including vulnerable access to specific network zones as well as non-compliance with industry and internal security standards
  • Identify attack paths of common security threats (e.g. WannaCry) and prioritize by sensitivity (e.g. PCI data)
  • Design changes across all enforcement points, ensuring that all changes are compliant with policy
  • Apply changes across all devices’ rule sets
  • Validate changes
  • Integrate with SOAR products for incident response

Black Hat provides the perfect backdrop for our talk. The conference is focused on strengthening the security community, sharing information, and looking at common security issues from a different lens as a way to develop new solutions. This is what our partnership with Fortinet is all about: working together to drive security innovation.

We’re pumped to share the Black Hat floor with Fortinet to talk about our joint solution and how we can help your organization – and the security community at large.

Tufin and Fortinet’s joint session takes place on August 9at 3:30pm at booth #828.