Why Tufin is the Best Network Mapping Tool

While open-source offerings like SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper (NTM), Intermapper, and ManageEngine OpManager offer valuable insights, Tufin stands out.

Tufin is the industry’s best network management solution, providing unmatched current automated network insights.

With Tufin, you don’t just map; you optimize your entire network’s performance as well as gaining network troubleshooting edge.

Automated Network Diagram for Complex Networks

Tufin utilizes cutting-edge mapping features, automating the intricate network mapping process. Every element, ranging from nodes, IP addresses, Layer 2 & Layer 3 components to subnets and VLANs, is promptly identified.

  • Automated Insights into the topology model so you have a clear picture of your network’s structure, including retrieving dynamic topology data from your Cisco Checkpoint, Fortinet, AWS, routers, Load Balancers etc.

  • Real-time Monitoring Tools: Immediate visibility into network devices and security policies, promoting proactive troubleshooting, optimization, and identifying potential network issues.

  • Compatibility Across Technologies: As well as LAN based networks, Tufin also seamlessly integrates with, SD-WAN, SSE and SASE technologies, , making it a prime choice among network professionals.

We automatically incorporate new devices as they’re connected to your network, eliminating manual errors and offering a precise representation of your IT infrastructure.

Diverse Topological Analysis

From understanding the core intricacies of networks to providing clarity on bus topologies, Tufin offers comprehensive network analysis and mapping features like:

  • NetSec to CloudSec: Tufin bridges the gap between LAN and Cloud-based networks, offering unified insights into the overall network behavior.

  • Topology Intelligence: Topology Intelligence lets you use the routing information in your devices to make better decisions about your network’s security. It also calculates the network changes needed, showing a picture of the path between the source and destination points.

Tufin’s Technological Edge

  • Powerful Discovery Methods: Tufin is wide-spanning, covering devices from routers to firewalls, including CheckPoint, Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto, AWS, Microsoft Azure and many more.

  • Metrics and Visualization: Capture critical network metrics and choose from diverse output formats. Tufin also offers custom visualizations to suit your requirements.

  • Unmatched Compliance: Beyond interactive network topology maps, Tufin facilitates continuous compliance solutions, streamlining regulatory checks such as PCI, NERC-CIP, NIST, HIPPA and GDPR aiding in audit preparations.

Easily navigate and manage policies and address vulnerabilities across your dedicated LAN infrastructure—from standard infrastructure components to innovative cloud integrations – all without compromising performance.


Can I automate the creation of a network diagram with Tufin's LAN Topology Mapper?

Absolutely! Tufin's LAN Topology Mapper is designed to automate the process of generating detailed network diagrams.

How does Tufin's offering compare with tools like Microsoft Visio or Paessler PRTG Network Monitor?

Tufin's LAN Topology Mapper is primarily focused on providing a comprehensive view of your entire hybrid-network topology.

While tools like Microsoft Visio are great for manual diagramming and Paessler PRTG Network Monitor excels in monitoring network performance, Tufin gives users a clear picture of their network behavior and network architecture.

Is there a free network version of Tufin's LAN Topology Mapper available for trial purposes?

We understand the importance of trying a solution before committing. Please contact us to get a free demo of Tufin’s Interactive Topology map in action.