Comprehensive Topology Diagrams for Centralized Network Management

Automated Network Mapping.

Tufin makes it easy to create and maintain LAN/WAN network diagrams. Tufin automatically retrieves network configuration and policy information from devices spanning on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments. Tufin then builds an interactive logical network diagram visualizing routes, as well as a physical network diagram, showing nodes and cloud resources, to provide real-time visibility into the hybrid network.

  • Detailed network diagrams based on routing and security information from all your devices.
  • Most accurate cloud topology modeling including Azure, AWS and GCP.
  • Holistic security policy orchestration and automation functionality.
  • Identify LANs, subnets, network components and interfaces, internet connectivity, and route-based VPNs and VLANs.
  • Visualize and perform path analysis to see how devices and their IP addresses, as well as security groups in the cloud, are connected and how traffic flows between.
  • Query by source, destination, services, and application identities to view comprehensive path analysis functionality.
  • Export network maps, query templates, and diagrams in multiple formats, including Microsoft Visio, png, and other file formats

Robust Security and Compliance Across Your Entire Network.

Easily segment your network based on business and security requirements. Make changes in minutes from a central control plane and create a single unified security policy for all your network segments.

  • Prevent unauthorized access with automated network security change management.
  • Automate access control across your network infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot faster and reduce downtime with a visual representation of network policies, routes, and interfaces.
  • Use Tufin’s network diagram tool ensure compliance for industry standards such as PCI, NIST and HIPPA.


How does network topology diagram software work?
Tufin’s generates a dynamic network topology map of the hybrid enterprise network by automatically gathering network security polices and network configurations from network enforcement points across the enterprise. Network diagram tools visualize the entire network and can identify issues such as gaps in segmentation or breaks in connectivity. This allows network teams to quickly troubleshoot network issues and identify unnecessary risk. Tufin’s topology intelligence also powers automated network change workflows, enabling target selection and pre-deployment risk analysis.
Why is network topology diagram software better than mind mapping tools or free diagrammers?

Mind map tools like ConceptDraw Pro or Lucidchart are useful for many areas of process visualization, but network mapping software like Tufin is geared specifically toward network topology. Our monitoring tools provides visibility to new devices in real time and provides pertinent information such as traffic flow and connectivity troubleshooting.

Tufin offers the broadest network coverage and broadest support for networking technologies such as IPsec VPN, MPLS, SD-WAN, and most accurate cloud topology modeling including Azure Load Balancer, AWS Gateway Load Balancer, etc. Other flowchart tools like LanFlow (and its free version) may require manual mapping instead of automated mapping and/or be adapted to network topology instead of designed specifically for it.

What tools and operating systems is Tufin compatible with?
Tufin is compatible with the Linux operating system. Tufin provides seamless integrations with tools like Direct Connect, Express Route, Virtual WAN, Azure Load Balancers, AWS Gateway Load Balancers, Google Cloud Platform, SD-WAN, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, and more, along with the ability to add new devices, providing detailed network diagrams which cover your entire network.
How does a network topology mapper work?
Tufin ingests the configuration data from existing and new devices on the enterprise network. Then creates a network map to visualize the entire enterprise network — the devices, cloud assets and routes.
Is Tufin open source?
Tufin is not an open-source network mapping software. Our proprietary network topology mapping tool is part of our comprehensive network security policy orchestration and automation solution that enables multi-vendor firewall management, network monitoring for compliance with security policies and network change automation functionality.
What is the best network mapping tool?

Tufin’s network mapping tool provides end-to-end network visibility and scalability that others simply can’t match. As a network management solution, Tufin enables smooth change management and automates network security policy changes. Tools like SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper (NTM), Paessler, ManageEngine, or Intermapper offer similar key features but lack the firewall and security policy automation capabilities that make Tufin a true market leader.

Is Tufin the best network mapping tool?

Tufin’s network topology mapper and policy monitoring tool is the most accurate and comprehensive compared with all our competitors. The functionality powered by our topology intelligence is what leads so many organizations to replace their existing tools with Tufin. 

As a network management solution, Tufin enables holistic, ground-to-cloud change management and automates network access changes. 

Tools like SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper (NTM), Paessler, ManageEngine, or Intermapper offer similar key features but lack the firewall and security policy management capabilities that make Tufin such a standout tool.

Get the visibility and control you need to secure your enterprise.

Only Tufin provides automation and a unified security policy, from on-prem to cloud, across NetSec and DevOps.

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