The Leading Provider of Policy-based Network Automation.

Tufin’s network automation solution helps organizations remain agile, competitive, and secure.

Automating network changes is essential to reduce manual labor and enable digital transformation initiatives.
Getting to zero touch automation is a journey, but Tufin can prepare you and provide the right level of equipment and support.

Learn more on how Tufin helps enterprise customers with some of the largest, most complex hybrid networks:

  • Automate everyday manual activities and improve accuracy and productivity
  • Save 60% of time and effort spent on repetitive firewall maintenance
  • Accelerate application delivery by implementing network changes in minutes instead of days

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Minimize your attack surface and heighten your security posture with the control, efficiency and decision-making support your team requires.

Increase Operational Efficiency and Productivity

One of the largest car manufacturers in Germany improved productivity by 50% with Tufin and eliminated change escalations by using automation to implement changes in less than 1 day.

A large U.S. federal agency automated 82% of their firewall changes with Tufin to free up 67% of the team bandwidth to focus on strategic projects and now implement changes in 1 hour instead of 5 days with firewall change automation.

Improve Security and Accuracy

A large financial services company in the U.S. automated firewall cleanup and decommissioned 18K redundant rules in 1 day to tighten network security.

Boost Business Agility

A large U.S. utility company reduced the time it takes to implement network changes by 75%, from 1-2 months to 8 days — dramatically increasing client satisfaction with standardized delivery.

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Implementing smaller changes now takes us about five minutes, larger changes about half an hour, depending on the size and complexity of the change.
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