The Value of Managing Network Security through Policy

To manage network complexity, organizations need their security policies to be created and tested in the context of how they will impact the business processes they are meant to protect. But a common problem is the inability to have true visibility into the end to end effectiveness and impact of changes. Network security policy management (NSPM) solutions have demonstrated significant advantages for both IT and security operations teams to meet the speed of business while improving security and maintaining business continuity.

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The free report compares companies actively using NSPM with those who are not and provides real statistics around:

  • Managing security workloads and complex policies
  • Optimizing policy and managing risk to reduce the attack surface
  • Shortening change approval and implementation processes
  • Automating change management for fewer change-related outages

“…respondents using an NSPM solution reduced their change approval and implementation process from an average of 12 work days to one per change.”