Firewall Change Tracker

Manage, configure, and optimize hundreds or even thousands of firewalls and network devices from different vendors for continuous compliance automation and simpler network security management.

  • Stay audit ready with centralized audit logging of every firewall change.
  • Optimize firewalls automatically, tightening permissiveness based on history traffic.
  • Real-time notification when policies are violated.
  • Maintain change management across on-premises and cloud-based firewalls.
  • Centralize firewall configuration management.
  • Fast troubleshooting with comprehensive path analysis.

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Centralize Firewall Audit Reporting

Tufin customers have reduced their audit prep from days or weeks to hours. Tufin’s pre-defined compliance report templates make it easy for organizations to get an accurate, updated view of their security posture in the context of regulatory requirements within minutes. It’s perfect for recurring audits for PCI DSS, SOX, NERC CIP, NIST, CIS benchmarks, and more.

Continuous Compliance Automation

Manual processes and multi-vendor systems make it nearly impossible for organizations to maintain continuous compliance across their networks. Tufin is your firewall monitoring system, giving organizations complete visibility across their entire network infrastructure, including cloud, to identify compliance violations, overly permissive access rules, recent policy changes and more. Tufin’s pre-built reporting features also enable network security teams to create both vendor-specific and vendor-agnostic reports in minutes and share them instantly with stakeholders.

Fix Firewall Rule Misconfigurations Fast

Quickly detect and fix firewall misconfigurations, unused or redundant firewall rules, shadowed rules, overly broad permissions, and other forms of firewall troubleshooting to minimize your attack surface. Tufin’s automated firewall rule decommissioning function allows firewall teams to purge large numbers of risky rules across hundreds or even thousands of firewalls, while avoiding operational impact.

Side-by-Side Change Comparison

SecureTrack analyzes the differences between the revisions, and displays a side-by-side graphical comparison. Any configuration changes that were made between the two revisions are highlighted. This facilitates fast troubleshooting to reduce downtime or correct an error that introduced risk.

Simplify Network Firewall Management

Get centralized, real-time visibility into and control over your security policies across thousands of firewalls and network devices — from on-premises to cloud — through a single, easy-to-use console.

Tufin’s SecureTrack+ makes network security management easier than ever before. Automate network access changes from request to provisioning, as well as the identification and removal of unused, shadowed and expired firewall rules to reduce attack surface and improve your security posture.

Run Real-Time Policy Compliance Checks

SecureTrack+ is a firewall monitoring software, continuously monitors network and firewall configuration changes and compares them against your security policies to detect, troubleshoot, and remediate cybersecurity risks, vulnerabilities and compliance violations. As you refine security policies, for example, during a segmentation initiative, you can make your policy changes in Tufin and push them out to your network devices from Tufin.


What kinds of firewall changes does the Tufin firewall change tracker detect and manage?

Tufin does not monitor network traffic flow. IT monitors network access rules and alerts on security policy violations to prevent malicious traffic from gaining access. Tufin’s SecureTrack automatically detects all configuration changes across multivendor firewall devices — who, what, and when the change occurred — and identifies firewall rules that are overly permissive, redundant, outdated, or in violation of compliance requirements and corrects them for automated change management. This allows organizations to reduce exposure to security threats and prep for security audits in hours, not weeks, drastically improving security metrics. Learn how firewall change tracking improves audit readiness and reduces downtime.

What are the pros of Tufin’s firewall configuration management software?

Most firewall devices, SDNs, and cloud security solutions come with their own vendor-specific policy management tools that make it difficult for organizations to get a fast, accurate, and holistic view of their complete security posture. Tufin’s SecureTrack+ brings all your security devices into view — whether on-premises or in the cloud — with centralized management and control that enables organizations to accurately measure compliance, consistently enforce security policies, and continuously monitor multivendor firewalls (e.g., Check Point, Cisco, Fortinet, Microsoft) for vulnerabilities and risks. Learn more about firewall management with Tufin.

What type of firewall monitoring software is Tufin?

Tufin does not monitor netflow and is not a network performance monitoring solution. It monitors on-premises and cloud firewalls, as well as security groups, for network security policy violations, to ensure device configuration in compliance with internal security policy and regulatory requirements. Tufin’s SecureCloud module is a SaaS offering providing additional security policy monitoring in the cloud across Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

What other solutions does Tufin integrate with with to improve network security, security operations and incident response?

Tufin helps organizations create better security policies and then automatically adjusts firewall configurations across your entire network (including cloud-based firewalls) to align those rulesets with your security policies. This allows you to manage policies more effectively, automatically — replacing manual processes that are often time consuming and prone to error with seamless orchestration.

Which firewall vendors does Tufin support?

Tufin is the most extensible solution in the network security policy management market, supporting virtually any firewall vendor available, including Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, Juniper, ManageEngine, Fortinet and many more.