Last updated Nov 10th, 2022 by Dan Rheault

In case you missed VMworld 2016, Tufin was awarded Best in Show at the Best of VMworld Awards and took home first place in the Agility and Automation category. We’re back at it again this year for VMworld 2017 with even more features that demonstrate why we’re the best in show.

If you’re braving the Las Vegas heat to attend VMworld this week, we’re excited to show you the NSX automation features available to Tufin customers with the release of Tufin Orchestration Suite 17-2, as well as the NSX provisioning capabilities available in the upcoming 17-3 release. The network is more complex than ever before, but your network and security team members no longer need to fall victim to time-consuming manual efforts. With Tufin’s latest product features, we’re making the management of your physical, virtual, and hybrid network security even more reliable while also being easier and faster than ever.

While software defined networking (SDN) has reached maturity and acceptance within the enterprise, the deployment of firewalls across the virtual and physical environment has come with challenges.

Successfully applying multi-point rule changes across all network devices, while at the same time managing multiple vendors and ensuring connectivity, are among an enterprise’s biggest pain points.

Introducing virtualized networks into already complicated east-west network traffic management leads to some doubt that the appropriate access rules are provisioned within the guidelines of security policy. This is particularly the case within a network that doesn’t currently use a unified security policy.

This degree of complexity combined with ongoing requirements to apply changes across the network comes at the expense of the network security team’s time – a team which is already lean and is likely to be harder to fill out in the future. The overreliance on skilled professionals to spend so much time on manual administration tasks is a clear calling for solutions to mitigate manual administration processes through sophisticated automation and provisioning. Automation based on security policy eliminates the manual review of access requests, offers immediate processing of access change requests, and ensures connectivity. The right automation solutions can free up your network security and operations teams to pursue proactive security projects.

Provisioning is the final step to meeting the agility requirements of the business, while also incorporating change tracking to ensure preparedness and readily retrievable reporting to meet the demands of your upcoming audit. Taking this one step further, it can also guide your security posture to a point of continuous compliance – a concept that is sometimes met with apprehension among enterprise network teams, but is quickly becoming a necessity.

It’s time to retire the antiquated requirements of the manual review, and embrace the efficiency that automation and provisioning can bring to your enterprise network, including the SDN. Stop by the Tufin booth #1119 to learn more about Tufin’s solutions – current and future – and see a demo on how we can make security manageable for your organization.