Last updated Nov 10th, 2022 by Roi Alon

Check Point Experience (CPX) took place in Las Vegas on April 19-21, and Tufin was on deck exhibiting, giving product demos, and talking to customers about our partnership with Check Point.

Tufin and Check Point have a longstanding history that dates back to 2005 when Tufin began supporting the Check Point platform. We now have over 1,000 joint customers, and Tufin manages security for some of the largest Check Point customers in the world. Tufin supports all Check Point versions from NGX R65 to R80; in fact, we are the only solution that enables full automation for Check Point R80 Security Management. More about that later.

What has made our partnership so successful is our shared vision: when it comes to security management, a unified approach is critical. Today's enterprises are under a great deal of pressure to keep up with the fast pace of network change while maintaining business agility and security. Lack of visibility into the network can slow down processes and put security at risk. Tufin Orchestration Suite provides the level of visibility and control that enterprises require to meet these challenges. Together with Check Point firewalls and security management solutions, we provide advanced network protection that enables agility and boosts security.

At CPX, Check Point announced Check Point Infinity, a cybersecurity architecture designed to meet the security needs of the enterprise. According to their press release, “Check Point Infinity is the first consolidated security across networks, cloud, and mobile, providing unparalleled threat prevention to keep customers protected against the growing number of cyber-attacks.” The Infinity architecture is another example of the importance of comprehensive support for hybrid networks, which is at the root of our partnership.

Let's take a deeper dive into the partnership between Tufin and Check Point and the additional value that Tufin adds to a Check Point environment, specifically for R80 Security Management, for which Tufin recently announced support.

Check Point R80 provides standard APIs to work with the Check Point firewalls without the SmartDashboard GUI – specifically, the ability to make changes to the Check Point firewall policy. This new feature allows a partner to provide the logic to decide how to change the policy to accommodate the business need that you're trying to achieve. For example, if you want to add an access, there are several questions that you need to consider before making the actual change, such as, “On which firewalls/policies should the change be applied?” “Is the required change adding more risks to the environment? Is it allowed from a policy/compliance perspective?” “What is the best way to accommodate the change? Add a new rule? Edit an existing rule?” The list of questions goes on. That's where Tufin comes in, providing policy-driven change automation capabilities on heterogeneous environments including:

  • End to end change design and implementation, based on topology understanding and risk assessments
  • Single place to define a policy of what is allowed/not allowed in the customer's environment. This policy then needs to be reflected in the Check Point firewalls
  • Proactive risk analysis and risk simulation
  • Advanced topology understanding for smart what-if analysis and connectivity simulation

With Tufin support for Check Point R80, customers get the best of both worlds: consolidated security management for reduced complexity and stronger security, combined with application-driven end-to-end change automation from Tufin to boost productivity and accelerate application delivery.

And this is just the beginning. We plan to integrate Check Point R80's unique capabilities such as inline layers, next-generation capabilities, and more as part of Tufin's Orchestration Suite.

Learn more about Tufin's support for Check Point R80 here.