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Last updated February 10th, 2023 by Tufin

Goodnight, San Francisco. Just like that, RSA Conference 2022 has closed its doors. Months of planning, behind-the-scenes meetings, and hours of building booths had come to fruition. In the blink of an eye, it was over – and what a time it was.

Four days filled with the emotions of the unknown, but the excitement of what could be. After the show was over, it was back to the reality of zoom calls and working from home. But for us at Tufin, it was exhilarating to be back in front of our customers, prospects, and partners face to face. RSA 2023 can’t come fast enough.

Placed smack in the middle of cyber security giants, the Tufin booth stood tall. To our left and right were Microsoft, Fortinet, and Cisco to name a few. Our Solutions Engineers gave amazing Automation, Topology, and Network Segmentation demos. Our Leadership Team gave Partner ecosystem and ROI speeches. All squeezed in between our main event, a speech given by John Moran on Network Security in the Multi-Cloud age.

As we sink back into everyday life, we follow up with everyone we spoke with. We take the great conversations, demos, and meetings we had, and we build upon them. With that being said, we take time to look back at what was, Tufin’s three main highlights of our time in the Moscone Center.

  1. The Power of Human Interaction
    Our sales team worked endlessly for weeks leading up to RSA booking meetings with our leadership team. It’s funny how still, human beings are so much more willing to speak upon topics at hand in person, rather than sit on a 30-minute zoom call. Shake hands, high five – close deals! It’s simple math, honestly.
  2. We Continue to Build Upon What We Know – Tufin is Powerful
    Visibility into your complex network environment is crucial in today’s age. Engineers need to see what’s going on, and they need to act fast and accordingly. Mistakes? Can’t have it. Tufin’s solution of visibility and automation of change requests is a crucial key to cybersecurity success. 
  3. ROI Might Be the Biggest Point of Emphasis Going
    Right now, the economy is not at peak performance. Economic buyers know this. What they also know, is the need to do everything possible to make sure they save as much money while being as smart as possible. Tufin allows security leaders to take deep breaths, knowing we have their backs by allowing their employees to focus on business-critical tasks, while we take care of things on the back end. We find this to be of such importance, we made a point to speak about it at our booth. 

As we put a bow on our time on the west coast, we cannot thank enough to the folks who stopped by our booth for a chat. It was so nice to converse about how we help customers stay secure in an ever-evolving world. 

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