Posted on Jun 25th, 2013 by Bernhard Steiner

Earlier this month, Tufin facilitated its fastest event ever, reaching speeds of over 200 km/h!

The 'Speed Up with Tufin' event was two fun-packed days to enable the peer-to-peer exchange of information, ideas and solutions in a really fast, and dynamic atmosphere.

Is your business as fast and agile as your driving?

Probably not, but the world-famous Nordschleife race track - situated in the Eifel mountains of western Germany - was certainly as fast and agile as they come. This was where we hosted some of our SecureApp customers and partners to put real speed and agility to the test.

Having watched the experienced instructors push the cars to their limit, it was our turn to get in the driver's seat and memorize the 70 turns, blind corners, jumps and drops of this 23 km long and ambitious racetrack. Definitely a great experience and a lot of fun for all participants!

The next day we held a workshop where end-users openly discussed how SecureApp has helped them Speed Up Their Network.

During the workshop, Dr. Ulrich Theissen, IT Security Manager from Germany's largest cable network operator, Kabel Deutschland, shared why his company chose Tufin as their holistic change automation solution. He shared insights into how they progressed from a manual firewall change process to an end-to-end automated solution which starts collecting logical requests from the internal application owners and translates them into precise firewall change requirements.

According to Dr. Theissen, Tufin's application modeling approach translated Kabel Deutschland's vision into a ready-to-use piece of standard software.  The back and forth between IT teams is reduced as application owners can work with greater accuracy, and opened requests are of better quality without preliminary interaction with the FW admins.Proactive risk assessment during the change processing and documentation of exceptions helps to seamlessly prepare for audits while implementing the requested changes.

Will Stefan Roth, Director of Sales Engineering for Tufin EMEA spoke about how the Tufin Security Suite helps to create transparency in complex environments where the applications people and the networking people lack the awareness of knowing who is doing what. The participants confirmed that from their experiences, a dedicated role of a network/application architect would be necessary in most enterprises to help translate the business needs into the language of the network and security teams. Tufin's SecureApp can be an elegant solution to assist in closing this gap.

I myself did a live demo of the Tufin Orchestration Suite in the afternoon and showed how, for example, if the source and its necessary services cannot be defined by the competence departments themselves, Tufin Connection Discovery helps to filter and pinpoint the traffic that was seen on the firewall gateways in regards to the newly created request. This helps to work in a more self-contained way and speeds up the whole request process.

To intensify the speed part of this event, we took a Quad-bike guided tour through the hilly landscape of the Eifel. An off-road trail and a final competition rounded out the Quad experience.

'Speed Up with Tufin' was a unique and outstanding event, no doubt! If you're interested in learning how Tufin can help speed up your network, please reach out to me via email or Twitter

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