Application-driven automation for managing network security policies 

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SecureApp helps network and application teams collaborate to deploy and maintain application connectivity, monitor business continuity, ensure compliance and automate network changes.

SecureApp provides visibility and control over application connectivity across the entire network. It improves business agility through faster application deployment, and allows better communication between application teams and network security teams.

Application connectivity management

SecureApp provides a comprehensive and accurate view of end-to-end application connectivity. Once an application is defined and connections are configured, SecureApp uses network topology Intelligence to continuously display applications’ connectivity status. It also provides graphical diagnostic tools that help you to understand, troubleshoot and automatically repair connectivity issues. 

Accelerate changes with security change automation

SecureApp enables you to define, implement, monitor, maintain and decommission application connectivity through a highly automated process. You can create or update an application connection by specifying connection resources in SecureApp, and with a click of a button, trigger an automated change workflow by creating the relevant ticket in SecureChange.

Visibility and control

SecureApp provides real-time visibility into business applications with a central repository of all application connectivity requirements, along with current connectivity status, and any open SecureChange tickets. This provides a substantial advantage over common practices of managing application connectivity needs in a spreadsheet which is rarely updated.

Streamline operations, improve collaboration

SecureApp helps remove friction between siloed teams by providing a central console for all network-related application changes, ensuring that the network is always aligned with changing application requirements. Application teams can define application components and the relationships between them, while no network topology knowledge is required.

Automate application discovery

SecureApp enables you to build a repository of all your applications. It also provides automated discovery for application connectivity, by analyzing firewall revisions and network traffic. You only need to specify the IP address of a single server, and SecureApp identifies all potential connections for this server.