Posted on Oct 31st, 2012 by Reuven Harrison

In September we announced the third component of the Tufin Security Suite solution, SecureApp. This marks an important milestone in Tufin's evolution which I would like to share with you.

Ruvi and I started Tufin almost nine years ago and we released the first version of SecureTrack about a year later. SecureTrack had great appeal to firewall administrators whose main challenge was to manage large firewall policies on multiple firewalls. We named the market "Firewall Operations Management".

We expanded SecureTrack to support multiple flavors of enterprise firewalls and additional capabilities such as audit, compliance and policy analysis and our company grew at a fast pace.

In 2008 we welcomed SecureChange to our family. It was a natural step as we discovered that firewall policies are not only very complex but also very dynamic. Now, in addition to monitoring changes and optimizing their security policies, our customers could engage in the change process at an earlier phase and be more proactive about it. Gartner referred to this extended market as "Firewall Policy Management".

In 2009 we invented the Automatic Policy Generator (APG) which was an instant hit. It answered a need that many of our customers had: "How do I get rid of the overly permissive rules?" but the requirement hid an implicit necessity: "Without disrupting business!"

Continuing our tradition of innovation we recently announced SecureApp. This is the next phase in the evolution of Tufin's Security Suite (TSS) of products and it represents a revolution in the industry. This new concept aims to bridge a critical gap between application teams and IT operations. As usual, Tufin is creating a new class, not just a product.

Enterprise applications are a vital aspect of business and for many large organizations they ARE the business. The majority of our enterprise customers have hundreds, if not thousands of them but they are finding that IT operations and network security processes are holding back timely delivery of these crucial services. SecureApp accelerates service delivers by streamlining the network and security change process.

Prior to the launch we conducted a survey among our largest customers. It showed that their requirements have changed and that firewall policies can no longer cope with what is expected of them. While firewalls were initially designed as a perimeter gateway, enterprise application connectivity-related issues now drive the vast majority of firewall changes. However, few have effective processes in place to account for this shift.

The interest in SecureApp has been wide-spread and multi-channel. It has included coverage in some of the most influential publications in the industry and papers from industry analysts.