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Last updated February 26th, 2024 by Karen Crowley

“The network automation market is evolving from operationally focused network configuration and change management tools, to policy-based tools and orchestration tools, and — in rare, forward-leaning use cases — more strategic and business-aligned, intent-based networking systems” – Gartner [1]

We couldn’t agree more. Tufin has long been focused on an automated, policy-based approach to meet business demands and eliminate the tradeoff between agility and security by reducing the complexity and risk that result from manual configuration changes. The Gartner report “Market Guide for Network Automation”, published in March 2018, raises some interesting points for network teams and the need to embrace automation to meet the growing demands that are placed upon them.

In this report, Gartner defines the network automation market as “tools that automate the visibility, troubleshooting, reporting and maintenance of virtual and physical network device configurations, supporting opportunities to lower costs, reduce human error and improve compliance with configuration policies.” [2]

As evidence of the importance to adopt automated processes, the report [3] points to network automation software/tools as the most strategic networking investment organizations are planning in 2018.

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