Posted on Apr 13th, 2016 by Maya Malevich

Illuminating the fabric of security palo alto networks ignite chronicles

How can security be like a fabric?

I recently attended Palo Alto Networks Ignite conference in Las Vegas along with over 3000 security experts from around the world. At this year's keynote, executives discussed how the digital age, also referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, presents high expectations for productivity gains and security simultaneously, and requires security to be woven through the infrastructure like a fabric. The growth rate of successful breaches year over year requires that we re-examine the fabric, and possibly tear it to weave a new security philosophy, which will be proactive and automated and consistent across platforms.

Palo Alto Networks Ignite conference provides a great forum to talk to Palo Alto Networks colleagues as well as customers interested in integration with Tufin. Most customers said they needed to attend this year's conference because they had so much going on--they shared battle stories of projects of migration between firewall vendors, projects of adopting private and public cloud platforms, and integration projects to orchestrate security and connectivity across all these platforms.

In my conversations with customers I also noted the need and readiness for automation of security policy changes. Network and security operations teams are experiencing such overload and expectations of productivity gains, that automation has become essential. As part of the required maturity for controlled automation, some organizations are in the process of defining their network security zones and zone-based policy.

At our breakout session [Security and orchestration for heterogeneous networks: in between next-gen firewalls & cloud platforms], I also had the opportunity to present Tufin's vision for boosting agility and security across heterogeneous networks with Network Security Policy Orchestration. Following the session, representatives of four leading companies stayed for a fascinating discussion of managing application connectivity as well as the need to orchestrate not just technology, but people from different teams in the company, including DevOps, network operations and security teams.

How do you align incentives across enterprise IT teams at your organization? Did you find the right solution and tools that can help you do this? Share your thoughts with us below.