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Last updated February 15th, 2023 by Kelley Brooks

A recent Business Impact Report by 451 Research | S&P Global Market Insights inspects the challenges of cloud-native adoption. This primary research comes from their Voice of the Enterprise survey series which highlights or anticipates emerging trends. In this study, they turned their focus to DevOps professionals and asked them, 

“What are the primary hurdles/challenges of using cloud-native technology such as containers, or serverless in your organization?”

The responses indicate a strong understanding of the need to meet the demands of digital transformation with a secure, compliant approach to the cloud. They further highlight the things we hear from many of our customers around the complexity and lack of expertise to fully adopt and secure cloud-native technology. The research highlights these challenges:

cloud-native technology challenges

The report goes on to examine the business impact on cloud-native adoption as well as the analysts’ view ahead. (Hint: cloud-native adoption will continue to grow at a rapid pace which leaves lots of enterprises looking to secure their hybrid architectures. Evolution is key and addressing top challenges requires visibility across cloud-native and on-prem technology.)

Download your full copy of the 451 Research Business Impact Report on cloud adoption concerns today.

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