Network security risk analysis

Gain confidence that your security policies are enforced, applied and accurate, across your entire multi-vendor, hybrid network.

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Accelerate network change impact assessments

Network risk management assessment is hindered by complex networks where it is difficult to identify the implications of a security policy change, compounded with an ever-expanding need for constant additions and removals of connections. As a result, the attack surface continues to grow, leaving companies vulnerable. A better management approach is needed to keep up.

Tufin provides visibility and AI-driven “what-if” scenarios so you can identify and assess the impact of your policies, before setting them. By monitoring, analyzing, automating and orchestrating network changes from a single pane of glass, the Tufin Orchestration Suite gives organizations control over their increasing network security challenges.

The Tufin suite reduces the attack surface across some of the largest, most complex enterprise networks by establishing and enforcing a unified security policy.

In the last two years that we’ve been using this tool (Tufin) we are in constant strength mode. Violations are diminished because we are getting the information that is readily available in real-time and gives us the data that we need in order to address (security) concerns proactively.
Director of Global Platform, Ensono

Security policy optimization

Gain knowledge, analysis support and visibility to identify the optimal unified security policy, governing who can talk to whom and what can talk to what, across the entire network from a central console.

Identify and manage risks and violations in real-time

Tufin monitors and analyzes network changes and compares them to security/compliance policies as well as to third-party retrieved data, such as  vulnerability score, SIEM, SOAR, oder endpoint security data. Risks and violations are identified and can be managed by establishing an exception or by pushing a modification to the exposed device. The “what-if” analysis tool presents scenarios and path options to proactively identify risks. Using Tufin, violations can be avoided altogether with automated and proactive risk analysis that is embedded into the change process.

Identify policy violations across vendors and platforms in a single console

Visualize and control your security policy risks

Tufin Orchestration Suite enables the enterprise to understand overall risk posture with drill down capabilities to investigate security gaps. In addition, any change request to network and firewall configurations, cloud security groups or tags is proactively assessed for risk before implementation. All change requests are automatically compared to the predefined security policy baseline, to identify and control potential violations.

Business continuity

Tufin Orchestration Suite is a comprehensive business continuity management solution for network security policies that gives enterprises the ability to assess, monitor, alert and audit the business continuity risk of every change - simply and effectively. It provides a unique environment for defining and tracking application connectivity and dependencies that enables teams to manage security policy from the business application perspective and easily diagnose network connectivity problems