As a global provider of hybrid IT services, Ensono’s mission is to supply creative solutions to help their customers reach their goals. However, their expanded global footprint, recent acquisitions and high growth meant that they needed to gain control over security policies in their internal network to provide the high level of service they prided themselves on.

Watch the video to hear Ensono’s Director of Global Platform explain how they overcame network visibility and control challenges, improved operational efficiency and accuracy of managing their clients’ networks, set the stage to adopt automation of security changes and became:

“One Global Company, with One Global Process, using One Set of Global Tools”

Sim Sabharwal, Director of Global Platform, Ensono

The video will provide you with insights on how to:

If you have ever been ‘surprised’ by network security misconfigurations that you didn’t think existed, Sim’s story will provide you with excellent advice.

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