Data center migration plans are high on the list of key projects for CIOs, IT managers and other managers involved in corporate projects.  These are among the riskiest and most complex undertakings for an enterprise. Migrating company applications from one location to another, or from one platform to another, can represent a great risk for an organization. Still, many companies undergo the arduous process with the expectation of significantly increasing efficiency and business agility.

Why Is Data Center Migration Inevitable?

For many enterprises, data center migration is part of a corporate IT cost-reduction initiative. Obsolete legacy hardware or software platforms no longer supported by vendors eventually require migration to a more modern infrastructure. Mergers and acquisitions usually result in consolidation of multiple data centers to eliminate redundancy, and thereby maximize the cost efficiencies expected by combining companies. Also, more companies are seeking to take advantage of private and public cloud platforms.

The Three Universal Challenges

There are three universal challenges inherent in every data center migration project:

  • The need to understand your application-connectivity dependencies in detail
  • Minimizing disruption to the business
  • Ensuring systems are secure and compliant

These challenges create a number of “unknowns” that may derail the migration plan and result in unplanned and unacceptable business downtime and possible security risks. Furthermore, failing to mitigate these challenges can cause major delays and increase project costs. Planning and executing enterprise data center migration or consolidation cannot be done manually as most enterprise networks are simply too large and too complex, plus sufficient documentation is often lacking. Thus, the right set of tools is essential.

Tufin Orchestration Suite – Your Toolbox for Data Center Migration

Tufin Orchestration Suite overcomes these challenges by managing security policies during the migration project and providing the ability to automatically discover application-connectivity dependencies to maintain business uptime.

Tufin Orchestration Suite supports data center migration projects by enabling:

  • Simplified migration to heterogeneous environments—physical or cloud (private, public or hybrid)
  • Automatic application connectivity discovery to ensure that the planning phase includes all connectivity dependencies
  • Risk assessment for all network changes throughout the project
  • Workflow process automation for network changes to improve visibility and control
  • Automated provisioning of application and service connectivity
  • Increased security and compliance with “baked in” security controls
  • Simplified network segmentation for easier management, improved security and streamlined performance
  • Safe decommissioning of applications

Tufin streamlines data center migration for minimal business disruption and maximum security control. Tufin Orchestration Suite accelerates and simplifies every phase of the project: planning, migrating, validating and post-project maintenance and enhancements.



  • Simplify application migrations with end-to-end application connectivity dependencies and visibility
  • Minimize impact on business during the migration with automation and control
  • Ensure security and compliance with “baked in” security controls
  • SDN-equivalent agility for network security infrastructure
  • Simplify migration of physical data centers to private, public or hybrid cloud environments

The Tufin Orchestration Suite for Secure Data Center Migration

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