Cloud-Native Security

To take full advantage of the power, scale, and agility of cloud technologies, organizations must deploy a cloud-native security program designed for modern infrastructures and DevOps processes. They need real-time visibility into all cloud assets, services, and traffic – and the ability to design and deploy security policies throughout their cloud infrastructures and automation pipelines.

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Real-time visibility

Leverage real-time, interactive topology maps of all cloud assets, services, and security configurations. Utilize application and service-level views to analyze how North/South and East/West traffic is permitted to flow, and evaluate access and connectivity settings across your entire cloud environment.

Unified security policy engine

Design access and connectivity rules for every cloud asset and service using an intuitive policy-builder workflow, and deploy security policies across your environment via your public cloud’s native security controls (i.e. without adding another control plane that slows performance and consumes valuable compute resources)

Real-time policy and compliance violation alerts

Continuously and automatically compare cloud security configurations against industry benchmarks (e.g. CIS) and regulatory frameworks to rapidly identify and remediate violations. Proactive alerting prevents new cloud infrastructures from being spun-up without appropriate security configurations.

Multi-cloud support

Support for all public cloud vendors enables centralized security policy management across diverse hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures. Support for cloud native IAM, security group and cloud-native firewall protocols, and other native security controls ensures no configuration can avoid rigorous analysis against your established/approved policies.

DevOps and CI/CD toolchain integration

Ensure cloud infrastructure is built and configured according to security standards by automatically comparing against policy during the automation process. API-level integrations with popular CI/CD tools (including Terraform, CloudFormation, GCP Deployment Manager, Azure Resource Templates, Ansible, and more) empower cloud architects and DevOps pros to easily build security into their workflows without sacrificing speed or agility.

Part of the Tufin Cloud platform, SecureCloud delivers the visibility and security policy automation cloud pros need to ensure continuous compliance across their public cloud environments:

Learn how SecureCloud enables continuous security policy compliance across cloud-native environments without slowing down development velocity: SecureCloud solution brief


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