Application-Driven Security.

Accelerate business agility through end-to-end automation of network changes while adhering to a unified security policy

Enable the Business with Application-Driven Security Policy Automation

With the advent of digital transformation, enterprises today are releasing new software applications at a rapid pace. Those applications must be connected across the hybrid network in a timely manner. While every new connection can potentially expose the network, security cannot be a bottleneck.

Policy-based automation from the application layer to the infrastructure layer means accelerating development and deployment without compromising security and compliance.

Tufin provides application-driven security policy for the hybrid network and for native cloud environments.

We have 60 developers who can set up servers in minutes and are constantly requesting changes in connectivity. They do not think of IP addresses, ports, and protocols. They like Tufin because they get visibility to the rules blocking connectivity to their applications, and once the change is implemented, they can immediately see the status change.
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Bridge the gap between the application team and the infrastructure team to enable better alignment with the business and faster delivery and troubleshooting for revenue-generating applications. 

Ensure business continuity and policy compliance at the application level

Tufin provides connectivity analysis based on its superior network topology modeling to enable rapid identification and troubleshooting of application downtime caused by blocked traffic. Tufin’s unique zone-to-zone Unified Security Policy (USP) matrix allows running risk analysis at the application level to alert on compliance violations.

Unified Security Policy

Accelerate business agility through end-to-end automation of network changes

Tufin offers zero-touch automation of network changes across the hybrid network in order to boost agility. The application migration wizard accelerates business critical initiatives like migrations from one data center to another, or from data center to cloud.

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application centric security

Empower application teams by hiding network complexity

DevOps and application teams are able to visualize, establish, and troubleshoot application connectivity without having knowledge of infrastructure, IP addresses and device configurations. This leads to higher client satisfaction, faster delivery, and improved productivity for the network operations team.