Users of Reposify can quickly identify assets and their vulnerabilities across all of their network environments no matter how distant apart they may be. Reposify’s ability to identify network assets and vulnerabilities across network environments make it a great complement to Tufin’s capability to automate and orchestrate policy across hybrid networks.  

Integrating the Tufin Orchestration Suite with Reposify’s cybersecurity solution extends Tufin’s automation features. Upon detection of a new vulnerability, Reposify triggers the workflow with the details of the identified vulnerability ensuring rapid response to prevent a potential security breach.  The workflow provides a continuous review and change management process and can apply changes to network access within seconds to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited, or limit a cyber attack’s ability to infect other network segments by removing vulnerable access services.  

This video shows an asset that has been identified as vulnerable by Reposify. Reposify’s integration will trigger a SecureChange workflow that can be used to address the vulnerability, whether that’s an acknowledgement or leveraging Tufin’s automation capability to update network policy.

Watch this webinar with Idan Moyal, CTO and Co-Founder, Reposify, Jay Spann, SOAR Evangelist, Swimlane & Vikram Venkatasubramanian, Tufin, as they discuss ways to tighten your security posture by leveraging a policy-centric approach.
Webinar: From Risk to Action: Security Automation and Orchestration.

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