Deploy Applications with Ease

To define an application’s network connectivity requirements, you use SecureApp’s intuitive, graphical editor. There is no need to understand the underlying network topology or firewall and router configurations – you simply specify the servers and services that connect them. Once you’ve defined the list of connections, SecureApp works with SecureChange to turn them into firewall policy rules and ACLs. So you can deploy applications faster, while eliminating human error and miscommunication.

Automate Application Discovery

SecureApp enables you to build a repository of all of your applications that documents their requirements from the network and displays their current connectivity status. To speed up the process of documenting connectivity for existing applications, SecureApp provides automatic Connection Discovery. It analyzes your firewall revisions and network traffic to reveal the communication paths associated with servers – relevant ports, and possible sources and destinations. You define one server, and SecureApp reveals all of its connections.

Define Application Dependencies

SecureApp also lets you define and maintain dependencies between applications and services so you can understand how changing one application server affects other applications. You define dependencies by creating an application interface. For example, you can define the interface for a mail server. When an application has a connection to the mail server, you simply select the interface from a list. When the mail server’s connections are updated, all applications using the interface are also updated automatically.

Application Deployment