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Last updated March 19th, 2024 by Avigdor Book

Tufin has unveiled its latest release, Tufin Orchestration Suite (TOS) R24-1, which addresses the unique challenges of cloud security and compliance.  

Tufin’s R24-1 release is tailored to help organizations seamlessly transition to the cloud, offering a comprehensive suite of features to enhance cloud security and compliance. It solves challenges customers face when managing cloud-based networks and provides additional coverage to handle the significant increase in SASE implementations: 

  • Reducing the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) for troubleshooting network connectivity issues involving Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 

  • Adding continuous compliance support for Azure 

  • Enhancing Prisma Access functionality to include: 

  • Automated network access changes 

  • Continuous compliance 

  • Key capabilities of R24-1 include attack surface reduction for Azure firewalls and network security groups (NSGs), GCP topology support, Prisma Access topology-based automation, and compliance support for Azure firewall rules. 

These key capabilities enable organizations to identify non-compliant access rules, reduce attack surfaces, troubleshoot GCP network paths, and automate network modifications for Prisma Access traffic. 

Cloud-Centric Features and Functionalities 

Tufin specializes in managing on-premise and cloud security controls together, promoting a comprehensive understanding of cloud technology and ensuring cohesive coverage for all technology types.  

With R24-1, Tufin empowers NetSec teams in the cloud, offering compliance support for Azure firewall rules, audit enhancements for Azure firewalls & NSGs, GCP topology support, and Prisma Access topology-based automation.  

These features are designed to provide organizations with the tools they need for enhanced compliance, increased visibility, reduced MTTR, and accelerated network change automation, as they embrace cloud infrastructure. 

Empowering Cloud Security and Compliance 

The release is packed with additional features, including automation for specific users from Panorama Networks, enhanced network change reporting API, Palo Alto Cloud next-generation firewalls (NGFW) on Azure, Dashboard Essentials, and PCI DSS 4.0 support.  

These features aim to provide customers with enhanced security policy management, the latest in compliance monitoring, and efficient network change automation. 

The Latest in Compliance Support 

Tufin’s R24-1 release offers enhanced cloud security and compliance management, so organizations can maintain continuous compliance, reduce their attack surfaces, and streamline network troubleshooting. The release also includes support for PCI DSS 4.0, providing customers with the latest compliance standards and accurate insights into their compliance posture.  

Our PCI DSS 4.0 dashboard, just like our other compliance dashboards, now allows network professionals to quickly prove compliance with these regulations with the click of a button. Below is a sample screenshot of the PCI DSS 4.0 dashboard and an image of the PDF report.

Monitoring Security, Compliance, and Operational Efficiency 

The Dashboard Essentials extension tracks the progress of security implementation, streamlining compliance efforts, and allowing users to utilize analytics for monitoring security, compliance, and operational efficiency. 

Customers can achieve their security goals, through continuous compliance with regulatory frameworks, audit readiness utilizing rule certification analytics, risk mitigation, and reduced SLAs for network access change requests. With this extension, network professionals can pinpoint what one specific thing they can do next to improve their network security.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting Enhancements 

Tufin Orchestration Suite R24-1 includes many other enhancements that are aimed at ensuring our customers receive accurate analytics. 

For example, our SecureTrack Reporting Essentials v5.10 extension offers compatibility with PCI DSS 4.0 and enhancements for the Device Audit, Rule and Object Changes, and Rule Analytics Reports. 

As always, there are lots of new features and benefits that are not mentioned here in this blog post, and you are welcome to explore and read more details in therelease notes.

Wrapping Up 

Tufin’s R24-1 release represents a significant step forward in empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of cloud security and compliance.  

With a focus on comprehensive cloud coverage, enhanced compliance, increased visibility, and accelerated automation, Tufin continues to lead the way in providing organizations with the tools they need to ensure continuous compliance, swift network issue troubleshooting, and risk-based vulnerability mitigation.

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