Tufin Orchestration Suite R24-1 Gives Security Teams the Ability to Strengthen Security and Compliance Across Today’s Complex Hybrid Networks

BOSTON – March 19, 2024Tufin®, the leader in network and cloud security policy automation, today announced the release of Tufin Orchestration Suite (TOS) version R24-1. The latest additions to Tufin’s solution enhance customers’ ability to manage cloud security controls from a centralized interface, making security policy management more effective.

“Enterprise networks continue to expand in scale and complexity, making it more difficult to efficiently manage and secure the overall environment,” said Ray Brancato, Chief Executive Officer at Tufin. “IT and security teams need visibility and management tools that are fast and cost-effective to keep up with this never-ending expansion. AKIPS’ award-winning network monitoring solution will strengthen our ability to provide customers with a comprehensive look at their operations, helping to speed discovery and resolution time.”

With TOS R24-1, Tufin enables complete visibility across today’s complex hybrid enterprise networks, helping teams maintain security and compliance. With efficient policy management tools, real-time policy violation alerts, end-to-end network access change automation, and recertification management—and the industry’s most comprehensive set of API integrations—Tufin provides cohesive coverage with existing tech stacks.

Key capabilities of this release include compliance support for Microsoft Azure firewall rules, audit enhancements for Azure firewalls and Network Security Groups (NSG), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) end-to-end troubleshooting, and Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access network change automation.

“Security teams need tools to deliver the same visibility and management capabilities across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks. Users demand reliable connectivity and an excellent experience regardless of how their applications and services are accessed. Security controls need to be delivered the same way—from a single platform and interface, making policies consistent and actions efficient,” said Ruth Gomel Kafri, VP of Product Management at Tufin. “Tufin Orchestration Suite was designed with this in mind, and we carry that philosophy from on-premise to the cloud, arming our customers with what they need to automate tasks, accelerate changes, and maintain compliance, all while keeping the organization secure.”

Key Features of TOS R24-1 Include:

  • Violations Support for Microsoft Azure Firewall Rules - Receive notifications of Azure firewall policy violations, ensuring alignment with both organizational and regulatory requirements. By identifying risky and out-of-compliance rules, the attack surface is reduced and overall security posture enhanced. The speed of audit preparation and response is also improved.
  • GCP Topology Support - Visualize, troubleshoot, and gain a deeper understanding of GCP network connectivity by viewing all GCP devices as a part of your network topology. End-to-end visualization of traffic flows throughout an entire hybrid environment saves time, prevents errors and eliminates the need to re-do tasks.
  • Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access Topology-Based Automation - Troubleshoot connectivity issues, automatically choose devices for network changes, and ensure compliance with Prisma Access traffic requirements. Network modifications can be implemented using zero-touch automation, saving time and effort.
  • Cleanup Enhancements for Microsoft Azure Firewalls and NSGs - Adding visibility into unused rules for Azure Firewall and NSGs enables teams to maintain clean and secure policies within their Azure environment, thereby minimizing the attack surface, eliminating the need for manual manipulation of traffic logs, and improving audit efforts.

Additional enhancements incorporated into TOS R24-1 include standard PCI DSS 4.0 support, which enables continuous compliance across customers’ hybrid networks, and an enhanced public Restful API that allows teams to retrieve ticket data and create detailed and customizable network change ticket reports.

Improved controls for Palo Alto Networks customers are also a part of the release, including stricter network control for Palo Alto firewalls that combine specific users with specific networks for more accurate security policies, as well as the ability to easily manage Panorama policies that include Palo Alto Cloud Next Generation Firewalls on Microsoft Azure, making audit preparation faster and resulting in fewer failures. The release also includes our previously announced Dashboard Essentials extension, an analytics tool that helps track the progress of customers’ security implementations and measures the ROI of their investment in Tufin.

The Tufin Orchestration Suite was also recently recognized with two prestigious industry awards: the 2024 Gold Globee for Network Security Policy Management in the 20th Annual Globee Awards for Cybersecurity competition and the Zero Trust Security Excellence Award by TMCNet.

For full details on the features and functionality incorporated into TOS R24-1, please click here. For more information on how Tufin can help your organization comprehensively manage on-premise and cloud security controls together, ensuring cohesive coverage, please visit www.tufin.com.

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About Tufin

Tufin provides a single platform for network and cloud security teams to simplify the management of security policies across today’s complex, multi-vendor hybrid networks. The platform gives some of the largest companies in the world the end-to-end visibility and automation tools necessary to swiftly provide new access, enable fast and secure application deployment, and ensure continuous compliance and audit readiness. Tufin’s proven solutions have helped more than 2,900 customers across industries including healthcare, financial services, utilities, telecommunications and retail to quickly identify and mitigate network risks. For more information, please visit www.tufin.com.


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