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Last updated May 7th, 2024 by Avigdor Book

Many organizations face difficulty updating their security policies because they must navigate and sift through countless configurations and rules.  

Whether it’s meeting regulatory requirements or enhancing network performance, Tufin’s topology feature offers a comprehensive view of your network environment—so you can address potential issues proactively. 

Without topology, NetSec and CloudSec teams can’t:  

  • Identify root causes of network or application outages easily and with an acceptable visual  

  • Gain the visibility required to make critical infrastructure changes  

  • Troubleshoot network issues effectively   

Instead of wrestling with complexities and risking errors, you can see your network topology and leverage routing information in your devices to make better decisions, such as identifying areas for policy updates. Plus, with topology, Tufin automates target selection, making the network change process more efficient and saving you time and effort. 

Read on to learn more about how Tufin offers the industry’s most advanced topology map with the broadest coverage of cloud network technologies.

A Unified View of Network Configurations and Policies 

At its core, Tufin’s topology feature includes an interactive map that visually represents the layout of your network, allowing you to edit and customize it to reflect your real-world network environment accurately. This map serves as a central hub for network visualization and management, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of your network’s structure and connectivity.

Additionally, Tufin’s topology feature incorporates advanced path analysis capabilities, empowering you to analyze network paths from source to destination. With this functionality, you can identify the devices along a given route and determine whether network access is permitted or blocked based on existing policy rules. 

This capability is invaluable for troubleshooting network connectivity issues and ensuring compliance with security policies. 

Tufin’s topology supports SD-WAN, cloud, and on-firewalls—and it’s the only solution on the market that offers support for SASE firewalls.

Diagnose and Resolve Network Connectivity Issues  

A real-time topology map of your network helps you effectively troubleshoot network connectivity across your hybrid environment by combining the network configuration and security policies across private and public cloud, network Firewalls and devices, and SASE technologies.

One key benefit of Tufin’s topology feature is its ability to automate target selection as part of the network security policy change management process. By automating this critical aspect of policy management, Tufin reduces the time and effort required to implement changes while minimizing the risk of misconfigurations and subsequent rework.

Traditionally, troubleshooting network access across complex networks has been a manual and labor-intensive process, prone to errors and delays. However, Tufin’s near real-time topology map streamlines this process by providing a unified view of network configurations and security policies across diverse environments, including private and public clouds, network firewalls, and SASE technologies.

Tufin’s topology feature addresses several critical pain points faced by organizations.  

Here’s a full list of its benefits:  

  • Reduced Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR): Streamlines the process of identifying and resolving network issues, leading to faster resolution times and minimizing the impact on business operations. 

  • Effective Troubleshooting: Provides a unified view of network configurations and security policies, empowering organizations to identify and resolve issues swiftly and accurately. 

  • Visibility into Network Access and Traffic Flows: Gives organizations comprehensive visibility into network access and traffic flows across diverse environments, including private and public clouds, network firewalls, and SASE technologies. This enhanced visibility enables organizations to identify blocked access and its source and optimize network performance proactively. 

  • Accurate Device Configuration: Ensures the accuracy of device configurations by providing a centralized platform for managing and enforcing security policies. By automating target selection and policy implementation, Tufin helps organizations maintain consistent and compliant device configurations, reducing the risk of configuration errors and vulnerabilities. 


Topology provides NetSet and CloudSec teams visibility into their networks, allowing them to streamline network and applications, and anticipate and address risks in the change process to avoid violations. 

By streamlining the policy change management process, enhancing troubleshooting effectiveness, and providing comprehensive visibility into network access and traffic flows, Tufin empowers organizations to strengthen their security posture and optimize network performance in today’s complex and dynamic IT environments.

Tufin’s unique ability to cover both on-premises and cloud environments sets it apart as the most comprehensive solution on the market, empowering organizations to effectively manage their network security posture across diverse and evolving infrastructures.

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