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Last updated May 12th, 2024 by Erez Tadmor

As heroic music swells in the background, a group of unlikely teammates come together in the 2012 movie The Avengers to assemble. Fighting against the cloud-born Chitauri threat, six individuals combine their powers to defeat their—and Earth’s—common enemy.  

While Marvel fans wouldn’t hear the infamous phrase “Avengers assemble” emanating from movie theater speakers until 2019, everyone in the audience implicitly understood that these individuals would act as one to protect humanity.  

Similarly, modern businesses need their own set of Avengers to protect themselves from the cloud threats facing systems and data. Tufin’s suite of capabilities provides a superhero network security solution complete with end-to-end network visibility and simplified hybrid-cloud policy management that fortifies organizations against threat actors trying to invade systems and destroy sensitive information.  

Ironman: Visibility from Above 

When you think about The Avengers, the maps and analytics that Tony Stark views through his Ironman helmet guide the rest of the Avengers, giving them visibility into the battle of New York. From above, Ironman identifies targets and provides insight into each Avenger’s next steps.  

In the same way, organizations need visibility into their network topology before taking meaningful protective measures, like swift troubleshooting, application onboarding, or incident response. Much like the connected visibility that the Mark VII armor provides, Tufin’s network topology maps offer visibility into the various connections and network segments across the organization’s environment.

Based on the information the devices receive, the interactive maps show connectivity among the different units and technologies they use for network troubleshooting and suggest accurate paths for change automation.   

You need strategic visibility to enforce and manage these different security zones across diverse devices to maintain service and ensure secure device configurations for these proactive controls to achieve objectives. 

Hulk: The Ultimate Barrier Against Invaders 

Bruce Banner brings a unique set of skills to the team with his ability to transform from a brilliant scientist into the massive wall of strength that is The Hulk. His ability to shift between intellectual problem-solver and physical wall of green muscle, under the direction of Iron Man, enables the Avengers to smash the Chitauri.

In the IT context, Unified Security Policies (USPs) and multi-vendor firewall management combine logical network segmentation with the strength of automated policy enforcement.  

Tufin enables organizations to segregate and manage security zones across diverse devices to identify and mitigate risks by enforcing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) across hybrid cloud environments, all from a single user interface.

Thor: Taking Mjolnir to Vulnerabilities

As the God of Thunder, Thor protects innocents across the realms of Asgard and Midgard to prove himself worth of the mighty hammer Mjolnir.  His mighty hammer grants him vast power, like the ability to fly, teleport, remain immune from intergalactic forces, and wield beams of energy.

To prove yourself worthy to customers and protect your assets, you need to rapidly identify and remediate vulnerabilities to protect their data from threat actors. Tufin is your powerful, multi-purpose vulnerability Mjolnir.  

Combined with our network topology maps, our out-of-the-box integration with vulnerability scanners enables you to identify and easily assess overall risk to critical assets resulting from accessible and exploitable vulnerabilities.  

Armed with this information, you can prioritize vulnerability remediation efforts and block access to critical assets until completing these activities, increasing incident response times, improving remediation accuracy, and reducing risk of breach due to vulnerability by 80%.

Black Widow: Stealthily Eliminating Complexity 

Raised as an assassin, Black Widow quietly identifies targets and efficiently eliminates them. Her strength, speed, and effectiveness make her an integral Avenger who identifies risks and threats then removes them so the team can more effectively address world disasters. 

Complex hybrid-cloud environments expand the attack surface, leading to inefficiencies and increased data breach risks. Although often overlooked, identifying and eliminating unused, shadowed, defunct, and redundant rules that increase risk, often without the organization noticing their propagation.  

By identifying and stealthily neutralizing these risks, you can fortify your network against threat actors seeking to hide in our networks’ shadows. 

Tufin provides automatic, ongoing identification of rules and objects for cleanup. With the ability to easily and quickly identify and eliminate these rules, you reduce complexity, simplify management, and improve productivity while shrinking your attack surface.  With Tufin working in the background to dispatch these risks, you can improve ongoing rule maintenance efficiency by 85% 

Hawkeye: Targeting Problems with Pinpoint Precision 

As an often-overlooked member of the Avengers, Hawkeye is the team’s sniper, able to provide support by eliminating enemies from a distance. He identifies targets then uses precision archery to remove them from the landscape, giving his teammates the cover necessary to complete their missions.  

Misconfigurations are the hidden menace in any cloud environment. With comprehensive visibility into connectivity between network devices across the hybrid infrastructure, you can address misconfigurations and areas of failure before they create problems.  

By bridging the gap between application owners and network administrators, Tufin’s central console enables faster and more precise misconfiguration troubleshooting. By automating change management, you can avoid human errors and application misconfigurations that create security risks.

Captain America: The Rule-Following Governance Hero

Although arguably as physically strong as Thor, Captain America’s true power lies in his allegiance to truth and freedom. Where Ironman provides visibility, Captain America provides structure by leading the team, ensuring they achieve objectives, and overseeing their strategies.  

Governance and compliance provide organizations with structure and documentation that prove they follow a list of required best practices. For many companies, managing, tracking, and maintaining compliance across one or more mandates or frameworks becomes overwhelming in cloud environments.  

With Tufin, organizations can achieve their compliance objectives and build strategies based on automation. Our automated change management workflows identify risks in the change process prior to implementation. By tracking rule modifications with a history for auditing and reference purposes, you document your truth for more consistent audit outcomes and improved board reporting.

Automating and streamlining the compliance process frees your team from time-consuming manual tasks and audit preparation so they can focus on mission-critical activities, like avoiding compliance penalties by rapidly responding to potential violations.  

Automate Your Cloud Security Avengers Team with Tufin

Just as the Avengers work together and pool their diverse skills to protect the universe, Tufin unifies diverse network security capabilities to help you protect your systems and data.  

With Tufin, you can assemble a comprehensive strategy that achieves operational, security, and compliance objectives in a single platform, providing visibility and fostering the teamwork necessary to manage complex, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

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