Last updated Jan 23rd, 2023 by Dan Rheault

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Tufin Marketplace, a digital platform where customers can find and deploy apps and extensions that enhance the overall value of their security policy management implementations.

With a selection of robust and Tufin-certified solutions based on our customers’ requirements, the Marketplace provides apps to address a variety of security challenges and needs. From effectively prioritizing vulnerability remediation efforts to automatically investigating and blocking suspicious network activity, the Tufin Marketplace offers apps that help users enhance protection, enable faster detection and deliver intelligent responses across a wide range of security and IT domains.

Free 30-day Trial

And the best news? All Tufin Marketplace apps are available for a free 30-day trial!  

Tufin Marketplace

Real Added-Value

Our initial app offerings were created by Tufin and its Technical Alliance Partnership (TAP) partners based on our customers’ collective needs and requirements. All of the apps listed will help Tufin customers to integrate network security best practices across their entire technology stack, to address evolving threats, and emerging business and operational use cases.

We partner and work closely with leading security and IT companies that share our core value proposition, from the initial design phase, through testing and certification. This is how we ensure that we meet our joint customer demands and deliver real value-added solutions.

TenableQualys Rapid 7
Cisco Tetration DFLabs Infoblox
servicenow efficient IP swimlane
Cortex XSOAR Resilient

What’s Inside?

Tufin Marketplace features certified partner integrations, API kits, plug-ins, and installation guides to help customers quickly download and start using the apps.

Marketplace apps are conveniently presented in six categories:

Security Operations and Incident Response

Rapid7, Qualys, Tenable, Cortex by Palo Alto Networks, Swimlane, IBM Resilient Security, DFLabs, Splunk Phantom

Enriches 3rd-party data with real-time network insights, ensuring effective detection and resolution of security issues via a risk-based approach.

These apps effectively equip organizations with the information they need to quickly detect at-risk assets, prioritize patching efforts, understand business impact, and automate responses to security threats across the hybrid IT environment.

Change Automation

ServiceNow, REST API-based solutions

Tufin integrates with leading ITSM solutions, including ServiceNow, to simplify network change implementations and streamline team collaboration. 

Reporting Extensions

Reporting enhancements for Tufin SecureTrack provide policy analytics to meet industry regulatory compliance and audit preparation needs.

Application Discovery

Cisco Tetration

The Cisco Tetration app automates application discovery and real-time visibility into dependency mapping and connectivity monitoring to achieve application connectivity compliance, identify outages, and restore connectivity. 

Network Segmentation

Efficient IP, Infoblox

Delivers on-going, network zone discovery and updates based on accurate IP/DNS zone information for rapid provisioning and updating of network segmentation policy.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of the new Tufin Marketplace!  In the meantime, we’ll continue to work hard to deliver new apps. Feedback is an integral part of our development process. If you don’t see the app you’re looking for, or have suggestions for a new app, we’d like to know!